Easy Treezy Artificial Christmas Trees

We associate much of Christmas merriness with the cold, snow-covered North Pole. It is now time to look south—hot, sunny South Florida, to be precise, where Kurt Stange has established a wonderland of beautiful, simple, durable artificial Christmas trees.

Santa of the South

Kurt owns Miami Christmas Lights, a company that designs, fabricates and installs some of the region’s most iconic, large-scale holiday displays for commercial and upscale residential properties. As with any outdoor construction project, people gather to watch the simplicity and efficiency of the innovative technology that Kurt and his designers developed, particularly when Christmas trees appear like magic. And they asked, “Why can’t we have trees like that for our homes?” So Kurt and his designers went to work, and now we have Easy Treezy trees that take a minute to assemble.

Easy Treezy Christmas Tree Shark Tank 2

“Pop” Goes the Tree

It will feel like that. The box arrives. Take out the four lightweight conical sections. Stack them up, and the ingenious locking system keeps them together. That’s it. You’re finished. Lights and decorations all permanently attached to the tree.

  • No branches to jiggle into the “trunk” of the tree.
  • No scraping your arms and hands against metal branches and stiff, bristly needles.
  • No worrying about it tipping over.

The branches are lush. The needles are soft as real needles. And it’s been fully kid- and pet-tested for stability. The only care the tree needs is dusting with a dry or damp cloth or feather duster.

The tree gets taken down and stored as easily as it “popped” up. The innovative cone infrastructure allows the tree filled with lights and decorations to lay flat for storage under the bed, on a shelf, or hanging in a closet.

Your Tree, Your Way

This is no “one tree fits all” deal. It’s fun creating your own tree.

  • Sizes and Shapes: 5 ½ feet and 7 ½ feet high; traditional, slim and narrow shapes.
  • Styles: natural, flocked, basket, un-lit, pre-lit, un-decorated and pre-decorated.
  • Lights: long-lasting, energy-efficient LED all white or multicolored or fairy lights.
  • Decorations: classical and designer.

The pre-decorated trees are stylishly done, each one with a selection of decorations that result in a stunning centerpiece for your home. The lights, evenly placed throughout the tree, provide a warm holiday glow.

Easy Treezy Christmas Tree Shark Tank 3


  • If you are really into decorating your own tree, there are Holiday Decor Kits. Each kit contains 150 coordinated decorations that will have your tree looking professionally designed.
  • Wreaths and garlands, lush, natural-looking and -feeling, are available, un-decorated or pre-decorated to match your tree.

More Blessed to Give

Kurt shares all year, and he likes to get the whole community involved. He instituted a charity project called “Heart of the Holidays” to work with local charities to raise money for an assortment of worthy causes. For example, he and his team work with elementary and high school students to create illuminated recycled ornaments and other recycled décor to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charity.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 12/01/19 – Season 11 – Episode 9


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