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Kelly Moynihan is a full-time Mom. She and her husband Ryan have seven children. She is also a part-time hair stylist. Sometimes she goes to a client’s home; sometimes the client comes to her; sometimes she is in a bridal suite giving a bride the most important ‘do of her life. It is in one of those that Kelly came up with a unique way to celebrate a wedding—or any festive occasion: Flasky Flowers. Now Kelly can add “entrepreneur” to her résumé.

Flasky Flowers Flask Bouquet Shark Tank set

Kelly watched as the bridesmaids clumsily tried to hold on to their bouquets while taking the last few sips of their champagne cocktails and thought, “Why can’t there be a combo flask and flower holder?”

Kelly got right to it. She stayed up all that night fashioning a “flasky” from a baby bottle and a martini glass. Kelly and Ryan then went to a patent attorney. (Yes, they have a patent.) The attorney told them they needed to make digital images, so Kelly did that. Once she had the images, she took them to a local (Florida) manufacturer who produced the first Flasky Flowers in the exactly right size and shape. And they are still proudly made in the USA!

Kelly and Ryan test-marketed the Flasky at bridal shows, and the response was better than they ever dreamed. One show, they sold out in 15 minutes! After Kelly developed the Flasky Flowers website (her first ever website, by the way), she set up shop on Etsy, a great place for a beginner to start: massive online marketplace with millions of shoppers, easy to set up and manage, cost effective, and a safe (for buyer and seller) payment system. And there is lots of room to grow!

Flasky Flowers Flask Bouquet Shark Tank Drink

How Flasky Flowers Works

Flasky Flowers holds a beautiful do-it-yourself flower arrangement and 12 ounces of a beverage of your choice.

The flask part is BPA-free plastic and holds a flexible straw with a cap. On top of the flask sits a floral foam sphere in a removable cage. Your choice, a dry foam sphere for artificial flowers or a wet foam sphere for real flowers. Buy a single Flasky Flowers or a package of four that comes in white or green.

Flasky Flowers Flask Bouquet Shark Tank Product

You can create a traditional flower arrangement or let your creativity soar with your own distinctive arrangement. Gather your flowers, artificial or real; trim them to size, finishing the stem on a slant; and push the slanted stems into the dry or wet foam in any arrangement your heart desires. Now it’s time to fill up your flask. It’s as easy as snapping off the lid, filling the flask and snapping the lid back on. Don’t forget to arrange the flowers so that the straw is not visible! No more awkwardly juggling bouquet and cocktail.

Flasky Flowers Flask Bouquet Shark Tank Couple

In addition to weddings, Flasky Flowers add to the celebration of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. How delighted would Mom be to have her own special bouquet for Mother’s Day? They also make stand-out gifts!


Shark Tank Air Date: 10/22/21 – Season 13 – Episode 3





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