Fridge Fronts Appliance Cover

Have a tired old refrigerator? Is the outside dirty, scratched or otherwise “well loved”? Maybe it’s in perfectly good shape; it just doesn’t match the rest of your appliances. Don’t spend thousands of dollars replacing a perfectly good refrigerator.  Give it a cosmetic makeover with FridgeFronts.

FridgeFronts are full-size magnetic panels for refrigerators. These decorative magnets completely change the look of your fridge in minutes. They can be as simple as a solid color or as wild as your imagination. Available designs include camouflage, landscapes, animals and more.

You’re not just limited to the images in FridgeFronts’ catalogue either, you can also choose from over 11 million images that can be custom printed on your fridge front for no additional charge. You can transform the look of your fridge into almost anything.

FridgeFronts aren’t just for refrigerators either. FridgeFronts also offers magnetic dishwasher covers. They’re just as easy to install as the fridge cover. It’s one large magnet that easily sticks to your appliance. You can coordinate your dishwasher with your fridge or go for a different look entirely. Mix and match as you wish.

FridgeFronts are durable and affordable. You can get one for every season and rotate them out for years to come. Keep frosty on the fridge in the winter and then change to spring flowers as it begins to warm outside. Put up an American Flag for the 4th of July and switch to an autumn theme as the leaves begin to change. You can decorate your fridge and dishwasher year round.

FridgeFronts also has more subtle designs including wood grain, stainless steel and an array of solid colors. They even have a chalkboard magnetic cover that lets you hand write messages on your fridge or dishwasher.

UPDATE: Fridge Fronts is no longer in business.



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