Splashzen Bathtub Splash Guard

Splashzen is a company founded by husband and wife team Rodney and Tanya Rasmussen after struggling through countless bath times with their young sons. The Rasmussens knew there had to be a better solution than constantly telling their kids to stop splashing, only to end up with a soaked bathroom after each bath. After over 3 years of product development, focus groups with parents, and design iterations, the Rasmussens launched Splashzen to provide a splash guard that keeps bath water in the tub where it belongs.

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The flagship Splashzen product is a clear, flexible splash guard that attaches to the wall of the bathtub and can be extended over the length of the tub to block water from splashing out. The sturdy yet flexible guard is made from waterproof plastic that allows parents to easily reach over it to wash their kids. A suction-cup splash strip runs along the bottom edge of the guard to prevent water from escaping underneath. An easy-grip handle facilitates opening and closing the guard with one hand. If left extended after bath time, the guard can air dry completely to prevent mildew and odors.

Splashzen’s splash guard was designed to fit most standard bathtubs. It requires walls on either side of the tub to attach the guard on one side and included hooks on the other. The guard needs a straight, flat tub edge to run along. It can be used as soon as babies are able to sit up on their own through toddler and young child ages. The splash guard is ideal for containing splashing and mess when bathing multiple children at once. It can also help older kids transition to showers by containing water spray.

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In addition to kids, Splashzen has become popular with dog owners for containing water and shakes while bathing pets. The flexible clear material makes it easy to reach dogs of any size. A detachable handheld shower head optimizes the dog washing experience.

The Rasmussens designed Splashzen to be far superior to a shower curtain for bathing purposes. Unlike a shower curtain, the clear guard allows parents to see kids at all times for safety. It also avoids mildew and odors that can occur with damp shower curtains. The perfect height of the guard facilitates continued interaction and play during bath time. Even short adults can reach under the guard as needed.

Beyond the flagship splash guard, Splashzen offers additional bathroom organization products. These include shower and bath shelves that stick to tile or tub surfaces to hold bottles and bath toys. The shelves are waterproof with drainage holes and come in small and large sizes. Removable hooks allow users to hang additional accessories. Splashzen also sells a collapsible mesh bath toy organizer basket that hangs from a tub wall. It can be opened to access toys or collapsed for storage when not in use.

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Splashzen products are beloved by parents and dog owners alike. Satisfied customers call Splashzen an essential parenting hack and complete game-changer for bath time. The Rasmussens use their Splashzen splash guard daily and sorely miss it when traveling. They report that most parents who discover Splashzen wish they had discovered it sooner.

With their innovative bath splash guards and accessories, Splashzen aims to turn dreary bath time into enjoyable, bonding moments for families. The Rasmussens continue to develop new products that make parenting a little bit easier.


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