The Peep Show Birdhouse

The Peep Show offers a modern, stylish alternative to cheaply made birdhouses from big box stores. The company was founded by Steven Gray, a seasoned professional in advertising and design. Based in Seattle, The Peep Show birdhouses are hand-built in Gray’s local workshop to meet strict ornithological guidelines for optimal bird health and wellbeing.

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Gray set out to create the high quality birdhouse he would want himself, incorporating beautiful vertical grain Western Red Cedar wood, eco-friendly bioplastic shells, and durable hardware made from stainless steel and aluminum. The products are made in the USA and built to last.

In 2023, The Peep Show earned a prestigious Red Dot design award, putting it in the company of past winners like Apple, Maserati, and other top brands. This confirms the brand’s commitment to aesthetic design along with function.

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The Peep Show also partners with One Tree Planted to plant a new tree for every birdhouse sold. This aligns with their eco-conscious mission.

Following scientific guidelines, The Peep Show optimize bird health through features like real wood panels, an elevated and sloped nesting area to stay clean and dry, ventilation holes, and a textured interior climbing surface to help fledglings exit the nest.

In contrast, mass-produced birdhouses often lack these ornithologically recommended features, prioritizing cost savings over bird wellbeing. The Peep Show aims to do right by birds.

The company uses sustainable and natural materials like Western Red Cedar sourced locally in the Pacific Northwest. Its water- and rot-resistant properties make it ideal for outdoor use. The real wood ages beautifully over time.

Advanced 3D printing minimizes waste compared to conventional manufacturing. It also enables the use of bioplastics made from plant materials instead of petroleum.

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A key feature is an adaptable camera mount compatible with many popular cameras. This lets homeowners continuously monitor nest activity and view visiting birds in high resolution without disturbing them. The mount works with wireless cameras that can run for months on battery power, preventing disruptions to the nest. New camera integrations are continually added. For example, the Blink Outdoor camera can capture sharp 1080p video and photos. Users can tune in anytime for live 60-second clips without draining the long-lasting batteries. The camera brings the wonder of nature to your devices without compromising the wellbeing of birds.

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Steven Gray first got the idea while creating DIY birdhouses with his father as a child. He later honed his design skills studying advertising and graphic design in college and working for top agencies. A mentor from the prestigious Herman Miller furniture company provided additional guidance in developing The Peep Show’s product design.

The Peep Show creates thoughtfully designed, high-quality birdhouses tailored to the health and natural behaviors of birds. Their commitment to sustainable materials and manufacturing also make them an environmentally friendly product. The premium birdhouses appeal to discerning birdwatchers and design aficionados.

Shark Tank Air Date: 2/16/2024 – Season 15 – Episode 14




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