The Poplight Wall Lighting

Poplight is a modern lighting company that produces beautiful, innovative wall lights that can be installed in seconds without any tools or hardware. Founded in 2022 by wife and wife team Caroline Matthes and Rose Fierman, Poplight aims to provide affordable, stylish lighting solutions for renters and homeowners alike.

Poplight Founders Shark Tank

Based in Denver, Colorado, Poplight was born out of Caroline and Rose’s own experience struggling to find suitable wall lighting when they first moved in together. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional wall sconces, which are expensive, require professional installation, and damage walls, the couple set out to design a new kind of modular, removable wall light.

The result is Poplight – the world’s first stick-on wall light that adheres securely to almost any finished wall surface without tools, hardware, or professional help. To install Poplight, simply peel off the protective backing on the double-sided tape on the base, stick it to the wall, adjust the light to your preferred angle, and pop in the removable battery pack. The integrated battery means Poplight doesn’t need to be installed near an outlet. When it’s time to recharge, just pop out the battery pack and charge it via USB. For a more permanent wired-in look, the battery pack can also remain plugged in.

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This innovative design makes Poplight ideal for renters who want stylish lighting without risking their security deposit. Poplight causes no damage to walls, and removes cleanly whenever necessary. For homeowners, it offers a quick and affordable alternative to built-in fixtures.

Beyond the base model, Poplight offers different modern designs that attach to the same base plate and can be swapped out in seconds. Customers can choose different colors and shapes to match their evolving style. New designs are constantly in development.

Poplight utilizes LED bulbs for energy efficiency and longevity. The lights are dimmable and provide a warm, welcoming glow. Convenient features include built-in color temperature adjustment between cool, neutral and warm light. Poplight also offers an iOS/Android app that allows users to control brightness, set timers, check battery level, and even name individual lights.

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Caroline and Rose successfully raised over $160,000 on Kickstarter to launch Poplight. Their accessible, innovative product has been featured in major media outlets like Apartment Therapy, The Wall Street Journal, and Design Milk. It solves a common problem for renters, homeowners, and design lovers looking for affordable, damage-free lighting. Moving forward, the founders aim to expand Poplight’s design portfolio with new shapes and colors that effortlessly attach to the same base.

At its core, Poplight achieves Caroline and Rose’s founding goal – to create beautiful, functional lighting for any space and budget. Their personal passion for design is transforming modular lighting and making stylish wall sconces achievable for all.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/19/2024 – Season 15 – Episode 11




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