The Scrubbie Faucet Sponge Attachment

The “Side Hustle Homies” want to follow in the rich tradition of Wichita, Kansas, entrepreneurs. Wichita has proven to be a fertile environment for successful innovation and here-to-stay companies. Cessna, Koch Industries, Learjet, Lawn Buddy, Pizza Hut‚ Taco Tico and White Castle are among the companies that got their start in this vibrant mid-size city on the prairie.

The “Homies” want to add The Scrubbie to that illustrious list. The Scrubbie is a universal cleaning attachment, scrubber, and sponge that allows you to wet, wash, scrub and rinse whether using a kitchen sink spray, a modern style faucet or a garden hose.

The Scrubbie Sponge Attachment For Kitchen Faucet Shark Tank 2

The Scoop on The Scrubbie

  • The Scrubbie attaches easily to most kitchen sink auxiliary spray guns, modern pull-down style faucets and garden hoses. Open up the package with its attachment and three sponges, and you’ll be ready to go in seconds—no instructions, no tools needed. Simply twist a couple times and push. The patented design ensures a tight fit.
  • Add liquid soap to the sponge, turn on the water, and watch how easily that baked-on food or encrusted dirt disappears. You may find the kids volunteering regularly to do the dishes!
  • Save time and water. The sponge and the flowing water are in the same place at the same time. You don’t need to stop and switch sides of the sink or go through picking up the sprayer, putting it down, picking up the rag or sponge and putting it down, over and over. The Scrubbie cuts the cleaning time in half as well as your water usage.
  • Both the attachment and the sponges are dishwasher safe. You can reuse the sponges repeatedly, but when they need to be replaced, you can buy the sponges in a pack of three. Or don’t wait until you’re all out. Sign up for a subscription and receive a three-pack every two months.
  • Attach The Scrubbie to a garden hose and be amazed at how easy it is to take care of your outdoor cleaning chores: house and car windows, outside doors, deck or porch, and lawn furniture. Ever come home from a fishing trip and have to clean the ice chest, waders, fishing chair, whatever whatnot you take? The Scrubbie will clean it all more thoroughly and more efficiently than ever before.
  • The Scrubbie may even be good for your health. If you suffer from fall allergies, you will notice the difference when you clean all that pollen off the hard surfaces outside your house.

The Scrubbie Sponge Attachment For Kitchen Faucet Shark Tank Founders

The Scrubbie Homies

The “Side Hustle Homies” are Jeff Dakin, Matt Hosey and Tyler Kessler. Jeff is a local general contractor, and he has been coming up with new ideas as long as he can remember. He and his father would brainstorm inventions that would make life easier. They had some really great ones, but other people beat them to a patent.

Jeff got the idea for The Scrubbie while doing dishes after dinner. The deal was his wife cooked, he cleaned up. But this one night, he found himself was trying to clear off stuck-on food with the metal end of the sink’s spray gun. He thought, “There has to be a better way.” Like if there was a sponge on the end of the sprayer.

Jeff called on his longtime friend Matt, a local independent contractor in oil and gas leasing, who had been part of some of those father and son brainstorming sessions when they were kids. Matt brought on Tyler. The trio spent five years perfecting a prototype of The Scrubbie. Professional product engineers then came up with the design of a rubber connector attaching sponges to a number of different-sized nozzles with a water-tight seal.

The Scrubbie Sponge Attachment For Kitchen Faucet Shark Tank

They debuted The Scrubbie at the 2019 Wichita Women’s Fair. Even with the 350+ exhibitors, cooking demos, fashion shows, and live entertainment, etc., the attendees crowded around The Scrubbie booth for the demonstrations and gave rave reviews.

The trio is now working on additional scrubbing attachments.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 4/23/2021 – Season 12 – Episode 22




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