Trunkster Smart Luggage

Traveling is an exciting and fulfilling experience, except for the actual traveling part. There are many aspects of the process that can be a pain, but your luggage doesn’t need to be one of them. Trunkster is not only super tough and elegant, it’s the world’s smartest suitcase.

Trunkster is luggage for the modern era, and it brings convenience to your travel routine. As more and more objects in our lives become smart and plugged in, Trunkster’s features are sure to become the new industry standard. This sleek and thoughtfully designed luggage makes your old suitcase look like a paper bag. It’s a beautiful marriage of form and function, made of airplane grade aluminum and polycarbonate, and rugged enough to take all the abuse an airport baggage handler can dish out.

What Makes Trunkster Different?

Trunkster has no zippers. Instead it features a convenient sliding door (inspired by the roll top doors of an airplane) that gives you fast and easy access to your belongings, even in constricted places, and it’s TSA approved combination lock offers much more security that a flimsy zipper. It has a heavy duty extendable handle and four swiveling wheels, so you can roll the bag along easily in any direction, from any position, on any terrain. Trunkster’s hidden compartment is great for valuable items and travel essentials like your passport, plus the luggage is water proof and shock resistant.

Traveling by plane means you will likely have some long layovers to wait through. Most people pass this time working or playing with their mobile devices or laptops, but it can be a challenge to find a place to plug in when the batteries get low. Trunkster has a removable and rechargeable built-in battery, with USB access so you can power up your devices. The battery holds enough juice to charge your phone 9 times.

With airline baggage weight restrictions, a suitcase that’s a little too heavy can be costly. Have you ever held your luggage and stood on the bathroom scale, hoping you haven’t stuffed too much inside?  With the built-in scale in Trunkster’s handle, you can avoid these extras charges at the airport. Simply lift your Trunkster and the weight is displayed on the handle’s digital screen.

The worst of all luggage mishaps is losing a bag during travel. Whether you left it at the train station, or the airline sent it across the country, you can find yourself counting the hours until you bag is returned to you. Will it be damaged? Will everything still be inside? With Trunkster’s built-in GPS you’ll always know exactly where your luggage is. You can easily track your suitcase’s location on your computer or mobile.

UPDATE: Trunkster is out of business

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