Pinblock – Building Blocks That Move

Ukranian immigrant Vladislav Smolyankyy relocated to the United States in 2006 with the intent of restarting his life, learning all he could and exploring his passion for business. In 2014, in his New York City apartment, he and a friend arrived at the concept of Pinblock, the new-age upgrade to that old familiar building block we all played with as kids.

Pinblock is a truly unique toy that is much more than just a building block. Each beveled piece is the same size and can connect to any other block with its rounded pins. These pins allow blocks to pivot on one another, adding the exciting element of movement to the traditional Lego style block.


Pinblocks can be stacked in a stationary construction, or turned and maneuvered to create kinetic 2D or 3D models. Build a spaceship, build an animal, build a wristwatch … whatever you can imagine, you can create it with Pinblocks. The blocks are designed to mimic the shape of the common pixel – the component of every picture we see – to easily create complex shapes from simple uniform components.

Pinblocks can be purchased in various kits, beginning with the convenient starter pack. This 400-piece pack has everything you need to start exploring the possibilities of these versatile building toys. The larger Freestyle packs include 1,000 pieces for more ambitious projects, and 100-piece single color packs are perfect for building simple objects or as additions to existing collections.

Since its inception in 2014, Pinblock has come a long way, achieving quick success before their appearance on Shark Tank. Incorporated in NYC that year, the company began donating blocks to the Children’s Cancer research hospital, raised more than $18K through Kickstarter, gained rapid popularity in Israel through Zippy Inc., and earned the love of Paul Solomon, CEO of Moose Toys who developed the ever-popular Shopkins toys.

Pinblock continues to gain notoriety through viral online content and word of mouth. They’re more than just building blocks – they are a gateway to creativity limited only by your imagination. Pinblocks are inspiring toys for kids and adults who love Legos (and who doesn’t?), and the addition of movement opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 1/13/17 – Season 8 – Episode 13





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