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When Seneca Hampton was growing up, his father was a football coach and, of course, he played football. Fortunately, his mother was a nurse and always there to patch him up. When he founded Hampton Adams, he created an e-commerce business that honored both parents and had a ready-made consumer base in both sports and the medical community.

He never forgot how the wraps and tapes his mother used on him left behind that yucky goo and gunk. He thought he could make a better product—and he did! He opened the Hampton Adams store on Amazon with an athletic tape that is latex and rubber free.

He started out with $700. Sold out in a week. Put $1,500 in and sold out. With that kind of success, he was able to get a $7,000 loan. Sold out in a week and a half. He entered Accion, a San Diego program that lends money to startups. They gave him $15,000. Since then, Hampton Adams has financed itself.

Seneca’s goal is to expand into 14 countries via the Amazon network and platform and have Hampton Adams products in every physical therapy office in this country.

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Hamilton Adams Products

  • Trusted choice for physical therapists and sports medicine practitioners around the world
  • Resistant to sweat and water
  • Easy to use
  • Hypoallergenic, latex free and made in a medical-grade facility
  • Safe for use on sensitive skin and for therapeutic and medical applications

Kinesiology Tapes

These synthetic tapes are strong and comfortable, perfect for muscle injuries and recovery, for use by both professional athletes and home first aid. The supportive tape helps treat and prevent sports-related injuries and pain wherever needed, including the foot, Achilles heel, ankle, patella, shoulder, thigh and elbow.

Not just for athletes, the tapes are used for sore backs, plantar fasciitis and cellulite. Treat tendonitis, support splints, provide manual support, or relieve discomfort in pregnancy.

White Athletic Tapes

Users include weight lifters, rock climbers and boxers. Made from medical-grade cotton, the tapes are soft and comfortable, provide maximum compression and conform to the skin. They are also extremely strong and yet can be torn, along either the length or width, with the fingers—no tape cutters needed. Just wrap, pinch and tear.

These tapes are also perfect on baseball bats, lacrosse and hockey sticks, and pull-up and pole vault bars.

Reusable Elastic Wrap Bandages

Wrap anything from swollen ankles to large leg muscles, as well as complicated wraps on shoulders and hips. The advanced compression weave keeps the bandage in place to help heal muscles and tendons and provide pain relief that lasts all day. The hook and loop fastener is designed for movement. Eliminates annoying constant adjustments and repeated repositioning of the clips.

Toss these bandages in the washer, then air dry. The wrap stays stretchy to be used again and again.

Finger Tapes

Use for ju-jitsu, rock climbing, grappling, martial arts and mixed martial arts. These tapes were designed by a Brazilian Ju-jitsu Black Belt specifically to be the ultimate protection for hands and fingers. Whether you are at the gym or on a rock face, you need a finger tape to protect your skin. The narrow width of these tapes makes it easy to wrap fingers and hands so that maximum compression prevents swelling and speeds up recovery. The Second Skin Technology keeps the tape in place without gummy adhesive left on your skin.

Self Adhesive Wraps

Hampton Adams has not forgotten our furry friends. These brightly colored wraps were originally designed for athletes to support and stabilize injured muscles, reduce inflammation and hasten recovery. Not only are they still used for that, but they are also approved by the FDA. Because the wraps do not pull out body hair or harm the skin in any way, they are the go-to bandage for veterinarians to use on injured dogs and other pets.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 05/02/2022 – Season 13 – Episode 21




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