Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

M1 by Inboard is the first electric skateboard that has motors inside the wheels. The streamlined design makes the M1 look, feel and ride almost like a traditional skateboard. Because the motors aren’t external like most electric boards, they require no gears or belts, so they use energy much more efficiently. The compact dual motors are hidden inside both back wheels, and the only thing connecting them to the wheels are free spinning bearings. This innovative design means there is zero resistance, so the wheels can spin uninhibited and coast like a regular skateboard wheel.


The M1 weighs only 14 pounds and can carry a 250 pound rider up to 24 mph, which feels pretty damn fast when your feet are inches from the ground. It provides a smooth and predictable acceleration so it’s easy enough to control, and it can cruise uphill up to a 15 degree incline. The M1 can take you 7-10 miles on a full charge, depending on the terrain you’re riding. The batteries charge in about 90 minutes, and are fairly compact and light weight, so you can carry an extra and easily swap it out if you need to travel farther. The board’s acceleration and braking are controlled with a bluetooth remote, which is ergonomically designed to stay in your hand whether your palm is open or not, so you don’t need to worry about dropping it. It has LED headlights in the front so you can see at night, and red rear lights so motorists can see you. The M1 is water resistant so you can ride in any weather.


One of the most exciting features is the Electronic Regenerative Braking system that charges your battery as you brake. As you slow down, the motor is no longer powering the wheels but they are still spinning, so the wheels act as a generator, sending power back into the battery. If you apply the brakes when riding downhill you can generate around 30-40% of the energy needed to get you back up.

The M1 connects with an app called Inboard Vision which offers additional features, help, support, tips and how-to videos. The app also enables you to use your smartphone in place of the remote, which can be handy if your remote isn’t charged. Within the app you can view battery levels, lock the board, turn the LED lights on or off, and adjust settings like selecting your ride mode. In Beginner Mode, your acceleration and top speed are reduced, so you can safely get a feel for how the M1 works. Advanced Mode unlocks maximum speed and acceleration, and Eco Mode automatically adjusts your top speed and acceleration to fit current riding conditions and give you the maximum range possible.


Entrepreneurs and Inboard co-founders Ryan Evans and Theo Cerboneschi pitch the M1 on Episode 10, Season 8 of Shark Tank. Before appearing on the show, they had already completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $420,000 from 550 backers, and crushing their $100,000 goal. Ryan has 15 years experience in the action sports industry, and is an avid surfer, skater, snowboarder, climber, and a former sponsored Kiteboarder. Theo is an inventor, builder, and mechanical engineer who is also addicted to action sports including paragliding, speed flying, surfing, kitesurfing, and skateboarding.

*Inboard is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 12/2/16 – Season 8 – Episode 10




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