GeoOrbital Wheel – Electric Wheel For Bicycles

Created by a team of actual rocket scientists – as well as inventors and experts who have worked on projects for SpaceX, Ford’s electric cars, and the Peace Corps – the GeoOrbital wheel is a fun but utilitarian invention that transforms your bicycle into a powerful electric vehicle.

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The innovative GeoOrbital wheel replaces the front wheel of an ordinary bicycle and it installs in under 1 minute. Its thumb activated throttle attaches to your handlebars, and the wheel is powered by a removable 36V battery that can carry you about 20 miles without any pedaling. In pedal-assist mode, the battery works in conjunction with some easy effort on your part and can last for up to 50 miles. Basically, the more you’re willing to pedal, the further the battery is able to take you. Your pedaling powers the rear wheel, as it normally does, and the battery spins just the front wheel as needed.

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With a top speed of 20 mph, the GeoOrbital wheel is engineered to take you places, and it’s built tough enough to handle any terrain. The tire is filled with a high density foam which means it will never go flat or lose air pressure. Available in two sizes – 26inch and the 700C which is compatible with 28 and 29 inch wheels – The GeoOrbital is built to be precise, user-friendly, and reliable – and best of all it makes pedaling optional.

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