Revolights – Bicycle Lighting System

Each year, more than 50,000 people are injured in bicycle accidents. Many of these could have been prevented with better visibility of and for the cyclist. Of the nighttime car on bike collisions, 70% can be attributed to inadequate side visibility.

Traditional bicycle lighting systems consist of a small headlight on the front and a small tail light on the rear. This provides minimal visibility for the rider and does not adequately illuminate the bike for passing cars.

Shark Tank products revolights bicycle lighting

Revolights has designed an innovative bike lighting system that solves all of these problems. It moves the headlight and the tail light from the bike frame directly onto the wheels. With Revolights, you get 360 degrees of illumination. The front and rear lights project ahead, behind and on both sides of the bicycle.

The secret is in the system’s accelerometers that tell the lighting system which way is forward and which is back. With this information, the system controls the LED lights so that as the wheel turns only those facing forward on the front wheel and facing back on the rear wheel are illuminated.

These LED lights are powerful enough to not only allow cars to better see the cyclist, but allow the cyclist to see the roadway and road signs as well. There is nothing else like it on the market. Men’s Journal called it the best bike lighting system in the world.

Revolights install easily. The light rings attach to each wheel using ball-and-socket brackets that snap onto the spokes of your wheel. The lights are powered by USB-rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Since the light rings are one piece and fully attach to the wheel, the system is highly theft resistant. By securing your wheel, you are automatically securing your Revolights.

Update: Revolights is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 3/7/2014 – Season 5 – Episode 19




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