Qeepsake – The Text Message Baby Journal

Stephanie and Jeff McNeil were like many of the rest of us. As we wait to meet our new daughter or son, we plan. Sometimes we might go so far as to plan out our child’s whole life (i.e., daydream), but mostly we plan how we are going to be organized new parents, how we will make this little person’s every minute joyful for all of us. And, of course, how we will memorialize every milestone, every gurgle of laughter, every emotion that crosses his or her dear face—just everything! From day one. We have the perfect journal waiting.

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And then, finally, Day One arrives—Amelia is here! It’s been a frantic day, so the journal can wait until tomorrow. It waits through days two, three, four… There are sleepless nights, and our days are spent feeding, burping, changing diapers, comforting. Sometimes we get lost in the wonder of it all and quietly watch her sleep. We still think about the journal, certain we’ll be able to get it caught up. And then it’s like we blinked and Amelia is three years old, and on those rare occasions when we think of the journal (Where did we put it?), it’s with guilt—we let Amelia down.

Stephanie and Jeff didn’t let that happen. They came up with a brilliant solution: Qeepsake. Jeff’s background in Information Technology with an emphasis on website design gave him the insights needed to create a digital baby journal platform that is user-friendly and full of features.

Qeepsake is based on text messaging. Most of us text throughout the day. It’s almost a knee-jerk reaction that when we receive a text, we text back, and if not immediately, we do it as soon as possible. We certainly will not ignore a question about our child! Qeepsake texts you questions. You text back answers. Those answers are stored in your private and secure Qeepsake account. It’s as simple as that to create your child’s personal journal. You don’t have to wait for the texted questions. You can add whatever you want whenever you want, revise entries, add photos, and have the journal printed out. Qeepsake is, without a doubt, the easiest way to capture and archive those precious memories.

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One of the most valued aspects of Qeepsake is that the questions often are thought-provoking—things about a child we would never think to note: What was your favorite moment with Amelia today? What piece of wisdom do you want to share with Amelia today? What does Amelia do when she recognizes someone? Those are the memories that will mean the most to an adult Amelia—more than physical characteristics and the “firsts,” as interesting as they are.

A two-week free trial will answer any questions you have, and you’ll see first-hand how easy it is and how much fun. Once you decide to join Qeepsake, there are different plans available depending on how many questions you want to receive per day and how many photos you expect to add.


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