Business Ghost Writing Service

Business Ghost was a ghost-writing service that specializes in books about financial moguls and other successful business people. Michael Levin, the owner and writer, said that the business is about creating books that his clients can use to market themselves and their businesses more than it is about selling books. Michael had been a successful ghost writer for years with more than 100 published books under his belt, some that have been adapted for television and movies, some that have been on the New York Times Best Seller list. He has written for top CEOs, sports figures and celebrities, including Dave Winfield, Baseball Hall of Fame; Chris Myers, Sports Broadcaster; and Joaquin Garcia, undercover FBI agent. He has stayed in that niche market so that he can focus on quality and offer high-end clients a premium product at a premium price rather than branch out into writing fiction and memoirs, in answer to Daymond’s suggestion.

He was in the Tank because he wanted to expand his business to take care of his family of six and to becomes the number one provider of ghost-written books in the US. He had eight writers on staff to conduct interviews and write and a creative manager to oversee their work. Michael did not get a deal.

Michael was one of the more appreciative entrepreneurs who left the Tank without an investment. He said the experience was invaluable to him. The sharks’ comments opened his eyes, and he re-evaluated his business plan and stopped thinking of himself as a writer first and a businessman second. He sold Business Ghost in 2018. The website now goes directly to a vanity publishing company. He founded Michael Levin Writing Experience, a small boutique-type ghostwriting company where he and his team write for a fascinating array of highly successful individuals.

Business Ghost is now Michael Levin Writing Experience.

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