Hello Prenup Online Prenuptial Agreement

HelloPrenup is the first online platform that engaged couples use to create a prenuptial agreement, an official record of each person’s rights and responsibilities regarding premarital and marital assets and debts in the event of divorce or death.

Who Is Using HelloPrenup?

There was a time when prenups were typically used by the very wealthy when marrying someone with considerably fewer assets. No longer.

  • Millennials marry later in life than previous generations, have a higher earning capacity and are more likely to own property and have savings.
  • People who have been married before do not want another long, hostile, painful and unfair divorce settlement.
  • People with children from previous relationships need to take care of their children’s financial interests.
  • Couples who are planning for one parent to stay home and have primary care of the children. That person gives up earnings and opportunities for career advancement and needs to be compensated fairly in the event of a divorce.
  • Business owners need to protect the business for themselves and for any other owners.
  • When one or both parties are in substantial debt due to, for example, student loans, maxed-out credit cards, gambling losses, or compulsive shopping, a prenup ensures those debts remain the sole responsibility of the debtor. That protection can be extended to include debts incurred during the marriage when not authorized by both individuals.

HelloPrenup as a Communication Tool

While creating their prenup, couples can lay a solid foundation for their marriage. Money issues are a major cause of contention and divorce. Sharing their attitudes about money, their spending and saving habits, and their debts before marriage is nothing but a step in the right direction. Couples better understand each other and can learn how to support each other.

If any red flags pop up, it’s better to deal with them before the marriage rather than after.

HelloPrenup is an important exercise in collaboration, in putting your partner’s interests above your own, in learning how to ask for what you want clearly, and in compromise.

Sarabeth Jaffe, Julia Rodgers

HelloPrenup Founders

Julia Rodgers and Sarabeth Jaffe are the co-founders and, respectively, the CEO and CTO of HelloPrenup.

Julia has a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School and an undergraduate degree in Finance. She is a divorce attorney with a prestigious law firm in Boston and is well aware of the financial and emotional cost of a prenuptial agreement. She knew there was a better way.

Sarabeth is the “techie” with a computer science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She has worked as a software engineer for Microsoft and Karat and taught web development at a prison. While working from home during the pandemic, Sarabeth decided to redirect her energies and start her own business. She thought of an online prenup and came across Julia already working on HelloPrenup. One email and the two connected, their visions of disrupting the prenup space perfectly aligned.

HelloPrenup’s Proprietary Platform

Julia and Sarabeth were determined that HelloPrenup would be affordable, faster than a tradition prenup, comprehensive and collaborative.

Affordable: At $599, HelloPrenup costs a fraction of what it costs to have an attorney draw up a prenup.

Fast: The process is elegantly streamlined, and many couples are able to download their negotiated prenuptial agreement in hours rather than months.

Comprehensive: They conduct extensive research to ensure compliance with individual state statutes. Each of the 17 states now supported have a page on the website for users to reference. There is also a long list of customized clauses that users can include at no extra cost.

Collaborative: HelloPrenup software allows the engaged couple to negotiate the terms of their agreement with an easy-to-use interface.

How to Use HelloPrenup

Fear not! There is help available every step of the way to ensure a smooth experience and equal representation for each individual.

  • On the helloprenup website, create an account—at no charge
  • Both parties fill in basic information (name, address) with easy-to-follow prompts
  • Then enter:

    Property and income information
    Separate property and assets and marital property
    Financial and personal obligations
    Projected income and debt
    Future inheritance

  • Optional clauses, such as

    Confidentiality clause
    Sunset clause
    Infidelity clause
    Social image clause

  • Pay $599 and print out your prenup as a Word document that can be easily edited. Sign it or take it to an attorney for review and then sign it.

HelloPrenup Helps

Julia and Sarabeth provide, at no cost,

  • The Ultimate Prenup Guide, that gives couples all the details they need to craft a perfect prenup and
  • The Prenup Encyclopedia, that defines all the terms and phrases associated with a prenup.


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