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It never fails, right? Plans are moving right along for the Christmas gathering at Grandma’s or the office party or the community center or church festival—whatever it is that you are in charge of this year. Then panic strikes—you forgot to invite Santa Claus! It might be too late! He’s busy deciding who has been naughty or nice, dealing with personnel problems among the elves, putting the reindeer through their paces to get them in shape. You’ll never get yourself a slot on Santa’s schedule! Relax—Head Elf Mitch has you covered.

The multi-hyphenate Mitch Allen (entertainer-model-actor) started out by filling in for Santa. He fits the part perfectly—once he’s in character, he’s a dead ringer for Santa. Plus he has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Santa: stories, myths, carols and everyday life at the North Pole. He has won awards for his portrayal of Santa, and he is in great demand. The demand became so great that he had to bring on other Santas that were as adept at bringing the joy of Christmas to others and as passionate about their mission.

Mitch launched his website, hiresanta.com, where you can hire a Santa anywhere in this country, sometimes around the world (e.g., Asia). All Santas are trained, background checked, insured, enjoy interacting with children, are meticulous about their appearance (many have real beards) and take their presentations to an art form.

Visit hiresanta.com to find a Santa in your area from the largest and most impressive selection of Santas anywhere. Whether you need a Santa for a personal visit to your home or one for a stadium, you’ll find the perfect Santa from among the three levels of Santa Clauses: Professional, Expert and Master. Look through the photographs yourself and click on a picture for a comprehensive introduction to that Santa. Or fill out a form and the tech-elves monitoring the website will suggest some Santas for you.

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If you don’t want an in-person Santa, imagine how thrilled your children will be with a personalized message from Santa via video.

Do you have a Santa but not the proper accoutrements? Mitch has you covered there also. Everything you need is on the website: suits, boots, beard, etc. Maybe you have a skinny Santa; Mitch has “Santa suit stuffing.” There are elf suits and shoes and reindeer suits. Everything!

If you share the heart and appearance of Santa, sign up to be considered for a place on hiresanta.com. But first be aware that it’s hard work, though well compensated. Sometimes you might be “on” for 12 or 14 hours a day, interacting with children and their parents, attentive, energized, never breaking character. For instance, you can never grab a burger when children are around. Protein shakes will need to be your sustenance and even those will be slipped in on the sly. However, if you hear the “calling” and meet the standards, hiresanta.com does the advertising and marketing for you and connects you to vetted clients at no cost to you.

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Hire Santa Shark Tank 3


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