My Wonderful Life Funeral Planning

Sue Kruskopf and Nancy Bush learned the importance of planning a funeral and memorial service first hand when Nancy’s husband, John, died of cancer at 53 years old. Although he was sick for almost a year, it was hard for him to let his family know his wishes for his funeral, because he felt by going there he would be giving up.

Eventually, Nancy’s friends and family helped plan a beautiful end-of-life celebration for an incredible husband and father of three. But after that experience Sue and Nancy couldn’t help but imagine how much easier it would’ve been if he had a place he could’ve gone online to express his wishes or even leave letters and memorials to the loved ones he left behind. That’s when My Wonderful Life was born.

My Wonderful Life Funeral Planning Shark Tank Founders

Since 2009, My Wonderful Life has grown to be one of the largest online funeral planning sites in the world. My Wonderful Life is an easy and inspiring way to plan and personalize your own funeral— or a loved one’s— so it reflects the way you lived.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/20/2012 – Season 3 – Episode 1




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