Original Runner Company

Julie Goldman created her first fabric aisle runner for her own wedding. She didn’t like the paper or plastic ones that slip around and rip easily. She then put up a website offering quality custom fabric runners. By the time she was in the Tank, she had made 20,000 runners. She wanted an investment for her new product, “Walk Safe Aisle Runners,” ready-made plain white runners to be sold in retail outlets and on wedding-related websites.

Julie came prepared for the sharks’ questions. Kevin said that her success was due to the economy bouncing back; she said no, it was because she had adapted to the recession. Later, she told him none of the sharks knew as much about the wedding business as she. Daymond asked if she could patent the runners; she clapped back that fabric cannot be patented, yet he made millions with his clothing company. He said her margins were off; she said he was wrong and explained the right way to figure margins. Robert said her valuation of the business was too high; she said he was wrong and rattled off the mathematical formula that she used. Julie seemed really pleased with herself for having all the answers. She didn’t notice that she was alienating the sharks.

The sharks didn’t bite, but the Original Runner Company flourished. Julie received thousands of new orders after her episode aired, and she placed her ready-made runners in retail stores and on websites. Her runners have been on TV shows and in bridal magazines. Also, a long list of celebrities have used them, including Robert Herjavec.

In 2020, Julie sold her business and now consults with small businesses.


Shark Tank Air Date: 5/6/2011 – Season 2 – Episode 8




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