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The process of grieving the loss of a loved one can be a challenging and emotional journey. Traditional cremation can leave families with an uncomfortable and unapproachable reminder of their loss in the form of ashes. Parting Stone, a Public Benefit Corporation, is transforming the way people remember and cherish their deceased loved ones by offering an innovative alternative to conventional ash: solidified remains.

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Parting Stone has developed a unique process that turns 100% of a person’s or pet’s cremated remains into a collection of 40-80+ smooth stones, depending on the volume of ashes provided. These stones provide a tangible, comforting, and aesthetically pleasing way for families to hold onto the memory of their loved ones. Instead of ashes being stored away and forgotten, solidified remains can be shared among family members and displayed in a way that holds personal meaning.

The Science Behind the Transformation

The process of turning ashes into stones involves five steps:

  • Collection: Parting Stone sends a collection kit to retrieve the cremated remains.
  • Purification: The ashes undergo a purification process to remove contaminants such as staples and implants.
  • Forming: The purified ash is converted into a clay-like material, from which the stones are formed.
  • Solidification: The remains are heated in a kiln, transforming the ashes into solid stones.
  • Return Home: The finished solidified remains are polished and returned to the family.

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Each collection of solidified remains is unique, with natural variations in shape, texture, and color. The stones are durable, resembling the hardness of turquoise or tooth enamel, and do not disintegrate or dissolve over time.

A New Way to Remember and Cherish

Parting Stone empowers families in their grief by providing a tactile and lasting form of remains. This innovative approach allows family members to share and remember their loved ones in a meaningful and personal way. Solidified remains can also be scattered, just like traditional ashes, giving families the option to create a long-lasting tribute to their departed.

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Solidified Remains for Pets

In addition to human remains, Parting Stone offers solidification services for pets, including dogs and cats. The number of stones produced varies based on the volume of remains, with each collection reflecting the unique characteristics of the pet. This alternative to conventional pet ashes provides a comforting and beautiful way for families to honor and cherish the memory of their beloved animals.

Parting Stone is at the forefront of a death care movement that seeks to redefine traditional practices and create new, inspiring ways for families to grieve and remember their loved ones. As a team of creatives dedicated to building positive solutions, Parting Stone operates with professionalism, integrity, imagination, and curiosity. By offering solidified remains as an alternative to conventional ashes, Parting Stone is paving the way for a future in which death and dying are approached with compassion, innovation, and meaningful connection.

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