UNPACK – Travel Without Packing

In Episode 6 Season 8, entrepreneurs Aaron Liskov and Andrew Zahornacky pitch Unpack, their unique clothing rental and delivery service for travelers. Unpack sends a suitcase full of clothes and toiletries to your travel destination so you don’t need to worry about wardrobe, packing, and lost luggage. With Unpack you don’t have to haul your suitcase through airports and shuttles, worry about it making on connecting flights, or wait around at the baggage claim. If you’ve ever flown with just a carry-on you know how much easier the process is.

When you arrive at your hotel, your Unpack suitcase will be waiting for you. Unpack has you covered from head to toe with clothing, hats, shoes, basically everything you might need except for underwear and socks. When you’re ready to head home, you leave your suitcase behind and the hotel sends it back to Unpack for you, where all the clothes are cleaned and prepared for their next rental.

It’s a convenient and fun service for frequent travelers who don’t have time to wash and pack clothes between trips, or anyone looking to simplify their travel experience. Unpack sends custom fit clothing from top designer brands like Columbia,Victorinox, Ministry, Ursa Major, Nike, and more. They can include jackets, scarves, and gloves for cold destinations, or an umbrella if there might be rain. Unpack not only saves you a ton of hassle getting ready, but you’ll always have a fresh and stylish wardrobe for your trip whether it;s for work or vacation. Sign up at theunpack.com and fill out your profile info including your measurements, preferences, and any essential items or special requests.


Shark Tank Air Date: 10/28/16 – Season 8 – Episode 6





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