Velocity Signs Sign Waving Machine

Josh Faherty and Scott Adams invented Velocity Signs after seeing a poor human sign twirler about ready to drop on the hottest day of the year. They enlisted the aid of an engineer to develop the battery-operated and portable sign-waving machines customizable for small businesses. The double-sided, patented technology provides an attention-getting motion visible from 360 degrees. High-powered lights keep the signs visible at night. They added mannequins that a business can dress up in a uniform or as a mascot or professional real estate agent (Barbara Corcoran’s idea).

Velocity Signs Sign Waving Machine Shark Tank Founders

They were doing great. They were able to bring the price down and the weight to make the signs more maneuverable. Sales went from $500,000 to $3,000,000 in a year. Businesses such as Subway, Little Caesars, Ford car dealers, H&R Block and even the Golden State Warriors were using them.

Velocity Signs is out of business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 4/10/2014 – Season 5 – Episode 23