Chord Buddy – Guitar Learning System

Leaning the guitar used to involve hours and hours of practice, bleeding fingers, and lessons from a strange dude with long hair. Just learning where to put your fingers for the most basic chords took weeks to learn. If you really stuck with it, you might be able to stumble your way though a song after a month or two.

The Chord Buddy solves all of these problems by taking care of the most difficult part for you. Rather than spending weeks building up calluses and learning where to put your fingers, the Chord Buddy literally allows you to play guitar with the push of a button.

The innovative design consists of four color-coded buttons, each of which holds the appropriate notes for one of the 4 most common chords – C, D, G and E minor. Press the green button and strum. You just played a C chord. Press the red button and you have a D chord. If you can strum and press 4 buttons, then you can play hundreds of songs on the guitar.

Shark Tank Products chord buddy guitar

The Chord Buddy isn’t meant to just be a crutch. It’s a unique learning system that actually teaches you guitar through the process of removing one button at a time. With one button removed, you still use the remaining 3 buttons, but learn where to actually put your fingers to play the fourth chord. Over a period of 2 months, you are slowly weaned off of the Chord Buddy and playing guitar completely on your own.

It may sound too good to be true, but people love it. Customers are literally playing an entire song on their own guitar within 20 minutes of using Chord Buddy. These are people who have wanted to play guitar their entire life, but could never quite get it. With the Chord Buddy, anyone can play the guitar.

Shark Tank Air Date: 2/3/2012 – Season 3 – Episode 3




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