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Thrill Builders has carved a unique niche for itself in the rapidly expanding world of themed entertainment. With a focus on escape rooms, haunted houses, and an array of other family attractions, the company has become a go-to source for anyone looking to build customized, immersive, and profitable entertainment venues. With an extensive workshop and a team of skilled professionals, Thrill Builders goes beyond the average construction project, diving into the realm of sensory experiences, intricate detailing, and interactive gameplay.

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The brainchild of Guy Kitchell, Thrill Builders was born out of a passion for fun and a commitment to craftsmanship. Kitchell started the venture with a clear vision: to create beautiful, entertaining spaces that can engage visitors and guarantee a lasting impression. Over time, he assembled a multi-disciplinary team that includes carpenters, artists, game designers, CAD drafters, and faux finish painters, to bring this vision to life. The collaborative nature of the company fosters creativity, helping to build attractions that resonate with people of all ages.

Kitchell and his team are not just in the business of construction; they are in the business of building dreams. Clients are encouraged to send in their ideas, no matter how ambitious or fanciful, and Thrill Builders works to make these dreams a profitable reality. The team takes a concept from its nascent stage and shapes it into a fully functional and visually stunning facility, complete with staff training and operational support.

Thrill Builders offers a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. These services can broadly be categorized into escape rooms, haunted attractions, theming and scenic builders, lasertag, and mini golf.

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Escape Rooms

The company excels in crafting custom escape rooms that promise not just a game but a full-fledged experience. Their rooms feature meticulous attention to detail, from the props and the decor to the sound, scent, and lighting. The company offers various tiered production options to fit different budgets, providing everything from self-installed props to turn-key rooms that are ready for business as soon as they’re built.

Haunted Attractions

For those looking to add a dose of adrenaline-pumping excitement to their venue, Thrill Builders’ haunted attractions are a compelling option. The company has built haunts across the globe, from the United States to Hong Kong. The attractions come with intricate props and scenic elements, ensuring a profitable venture that stands out from the competition.

Theming and Scenic Builders

Thrill Builders goes beyond individual attractions to offer complete theming solutions for Family Entertainment Centers, Bowling Venues, and more. The company can take a concept, such as a spaceship-themed snack bar or a custom backlit sign, and execute it to perfection, thanks to its in-house production facility that eliminates the need for a middleman.


Recognizing the growing popularity of lasertag arenas, Thrill Builders has ventured into this domain with innovative designs that integrate animated and pneumatic props into gameplay. The goal is to create a multi-layered experience that encourages repeat visits.

Mini Golf

Mini golf courses designed by Thrill Builders are not just about putting the ball in the hole; they are about providing a holistic experience. Each hole is crafted to be an event in itself, featuring elements like animatronics and unique challenges to keep players engaged.

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Thrill Builders also provides a host of supplementary services including staff training, maintenance, and custom architectural drawings. The company offers a turnkey solution that covers everything one needs to know about opening an escape room, from the conceptual stage to day-to-day operations. Clients benefit from cost-efficient shipping, no import fees or taxes, and superb support and maintenance on all items. The cherry on top is that there are no monthly fees or franchise fees; clients own their attractions outright.

Thrill Builders has made a significant impact in the themed entertainment industry, becoming a reliable partner for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to venture into this lucrative yet highly specialized field. With a one-stop-shop approach and a promise of quality, the company continues to build on its reputation, one fun and fascinating project at a time.

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