VPcabs Virtual Pinball Machines

Virtual pinball is a modern update on an arcade classic. The physical game surface is replaced by a high definition digital screen, allowing the machine to play an endless selection of games including rare and obscure ones. Although the ball, bumpers and flippers are just graphics, the playing experience feels much like a classic pinball machine, complete with knocking, clicking, and shaking. You can even shove the machine to nudge the ball. They’re so realistic you’ll forget that you’re playing on a virtual machine.

VPCabs produces 4 models of virtual pinball machines. The Vertigo is an upright cabinet with a stand-up display rather than the traditional table, meaning it requires even less space. It plays pinball but also has a joystick, buttons and trackball so you can play other classic arcade games. The Classic looks like the standard pinball machine you’re familiar with. It comes with the entire Pinball FX2 library of over 60 games. It has a powerful sound system and dazzling 40” display. The Wizard is the most advanced virtual pinball machine on the market. It features a state-of-the-art tactile feedback system that makes this virtual machine unbelievably realistic. The Mini has all the features of the larger models at 2/3 the size. VPCabs can also custom build a machine to perfectly fit your needs.

For businesses and arcades, one virtual machine drastically reduces the footprint and floorspace needed to give customers access to tons of different games. A virtual pinball machine could also be the highlight of any home game room or a man cave.


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