GoGo Gear Motorcycle Riding Apparel

In 2009, Arlene Battishill saw a gap in the growing Los Angeles motorcycle scene. Women who rode bikes and scooters were looking for gear that made them look as awesome as they felt, but weren’t finding options that fit their shapes–or budget. Using her corporate and educational experience to back her, Battishill launched GoGoGear in an effort to fill the need.

Today, the clothing retailer serves motorcycle and scooter riders all over the country via their online store. Here, both female and male riders can find a variety of options for outerwear and layering crafted in GoGoGear’s armored Kevlar. A heavy-duty plastic cloth used primarily for protection against knives and bullets, Kevlar’s superior durability makes it perfect for riding on winding roads and dirt trails.

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GoGoGear’s line of protective clothing knows no bounds. CE-Certified armor for the back, shoulders and elbows is present in every specialty armored hoodie the brand offers, and are hidden from view for a sleek and chic look. The brand won Best in Show at the FBI’s Launchpad Runway Fashion Show in 2009, and was selected as a finalist for the top 10 products of 2010 by DealerNews for its select performance gear. Battishill’s vision for safety with fashion has truly come to fruition.

Check out GoGoGear’s premium 360 line for even more stylish options. Described as the ultimate commuter line, 360 jackets are completely reversible, featuring a classic daytime look that can be reversed to reveal nighttime reflectors that help keep riders safe in low-light conditions. Whether traveling cross-country or just taking the freeway to and from work, customers don’t have to sacrifice looking good to stay safe.


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