Aldo Orta Jewelry

Aldo Orta was an artist as far back as he could remember. After receiving a Fine Arts degree in his native Mexico City, he moved to Los Angeles and earned a second degree from the University of California. Aldo’s primary interest was environmental design, and living in LA gave him opportunities to design sets for music videos and concerts.

Aldo Orta Jewelry Shark Tank 2

Because of Aldo’s love of the arts, he never stopped learning, and he became fascinated with the spirituality and mythology of all cultures. He wanted people to appreciate the beauty and meaning behind iconic religious symbols and learn more about cultures from their myths and origin stories. He could do that by creating beautifully decorative and expressive fine jewelry. His original line of jewelry is very expensive and had been in demand by royalty, socialites and celebrities for quite some time. Aldo wanted to create a line of jewelry just as luxurious, just as meticulously handcrafted, but more affordable.

His assistants approached the sharks with two jewelry boxes, one with his original line and one with examples of his new line. They looked the same; the designs for both were stunning. The sharks were astonished. Kevin O’Leary and Robert were “fighting” over a particular belt buckle.

Aldo Orta Jewelry Shark Tank 3

Barbara and Kevin Harrington did not hesitate to invest in Aldo’s talent, passion and artistic vision, and the three have been hugely successful. Interest in Aldo’s already wildly popular jewelry soared. Kevin got Aldo on QVC, where he immediately became an in-house designer, and they later put him under contract. Just as an example, in one day Aldo sold $85,000 worth of jewelry on QVC. Today, in addition to Aldo’s jewelry, his sculptures and paintings can be purchased.

Shark Tank Air Date: 5/13/2011 – Season 2 – Episode 9




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