Bunny Eyez Reading Glasses

Bunny Eyez is an eyewear company established by sisters Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz, inspired by a combination of personal need and homage to their late mother, Bunny Koppelman. The brand’s innovation lies in its unique, functional design that addresses a common yet overlooked issue: the inability to use reading glasses during activities like hair coloring or cooking. This gap in the eyewear market led to the creation of glasses that are not only fashionable but also practical, embodying a tilt-able and flippable feature thanks to their proprietary black diamond hinge technology.

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The conception of Bunny Eyez occurred in a hair salon, where the sisters experienced the inconvenience of not being able to use their reading glasses while getting their hair colored. This moment of frustration sparked an idea to design glasses that could be worn in various situations without hindrance. Their vision was to create a product that was not only useful but also stylish and accessible to a wide audience.

The glasses, crafted with attention to both aesthetics and functionality, come in various styles, colors, and features to cater to different tastes and face shapes. The unique tiltable and flippable frames set Bunny Eyez apart from traditional reading glasses. The eyewear is available in different strengths to accommodate varying needs, and the company offers a range of collections including Readers, Blue Light Readers, Sunglass Readers, and Prescription Compatible glasses.

Beyond its innovative design, Bunny Eyez has a meaningful connection to the founders’ family history. Naming the company after their mother serves as a tribute and a daily reminder of her. The brand’s success has caught the attention of celebrities and a broad consumer base, reflecting the universal appeal and practicality of the product.

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Jenny Hutt brings a diverse background to the company, with experience in law, broadcasting, and entrepreneurship. Her multifaceted career, including her role as a radio host on SiriusXM and her podcast, “Just Jenny,” contributes to the brand’s visibility and connection with the audience. Stacy Fritz’s involvement ensures that Bunny Eyez remains a personal venture that resonates with family values and consumer needs.

The company’s commitment to social causes is evident in their partnership with The Lustgarten Foundation. A portion of the profits from their customized Bunny Eyez Anna frame goes to the foundation, supporting pancreatic cancer research. This initiative reflects the founders’ dedication to giving back and honoring their mother’s memory in a meaningful way.

Bunny Eyez stands as a testament to innovation born out of personal experience and the desire to meet a specific consumer need. The combination of practicality, style, and personal significance makes Bunny Eyez a notable player in the eyewear market.


Shark Tank Air Date: 11/17/2023 – Season 15 – Episode 7




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