Frameri – Interchangeable Eyeglass Frames

Turn your eyewear into your most customizable accessory with Frameri frames and lenses. Designed to fit every face with lenses that are easy to snap in and out of place, Frameri delivers great, flexible style at great prices.

Frameri founder Konrad Billetz has been in glasses since the age of 11, when a BB gun accident nearly left him blind. After spending years dealing with the hassles of updating prescriptions and finding new frames, he wondered: why is the one thing that’s so integrated into your wardrobe and personal style the hardest to replace? He built Frameri in an effort to answer that question.

Today, Frameri offers a variety of stylish frames in four unique collections that are designed to fit your face shape and preference. They offer flexible lens options from non-prescription clear lenses to prescription progressive lenses, and many in between. You’ll also enjoy premium anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings with every pair at no additional cost.

Getting started with Frameri is a snap too. Simply browse the online inventory and choose your favorite frames. See which pairs most flatter your face with their virtual try-on feature that uses your webcam to create a video you can playback anytime for friends and family. Once you’ve made your choice, pick your lenses and check out. Shipping is free, and you have 30 days to return or exchange your picks—making at-home try-ons a breeze, too.

Above all else, Frameri values quality and style. They work with a small, family-owned Milan factory to hand-fashion all their frames using premium Italian Mazzuchelli Acetate, ensuring long-lasting shine and shape that holds over time. The lightweight lenses offer 100% UV protection, impact resistance and protection from eye strains caused by digital screens. Get started today, and see yourself in a new, stylish light.

UPDATE: Frameri is out of business

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