Milk Snob – Infant Car Seat & Nursing Cover

Melanie Disbrow pitches Milk Snob, a 2 in 1 product that can function as a nursing cover and a cover for car seats and strollers, in Episode 8 Season 8 of Shark Tank. Originally from Germany, Melanie moved to the states in 2006 with an entrepreneurial itch to create practical and fashionable products for moms.


She was searching for a car seat cover for her baby but had trouble finding one that provided proper protection against sun, wind, and rain while still allowing for enough air circulation to keep her baby comfortable. When she couldn’t find an adequate product she decided to make her own. The response from other moms was so positive that she began producing them for sale under the name The Paparazzi Cover, which evolved into the Milk Snob Cover.

As a nursing cover, the Milk Snob offers complete 360 degree coverage and can fit any body shape. The material is super stretchy but not too tight, so it fits snugly while still allowing for unrestricted movement and comfortable nursing. The Milk Snob also easily stretches over any type of child car seat, stroller, or even shopping cart. It protects babies from the elements, and the dirty hands of strangers, but the hole in the top allows you to peek in and interact.


The Milk Snob is made of a soft breathable Rayon blend fabric which is light weight and cool to the touch. They’re easy to clean by hand and are also machine washable on gentle cycle. The Milk Snob is available with or without a drawstring at the opening. This versatile product is designed and made in the USA and is the proud winner of the 2016 National Parenting Products Award.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/11/16 – Season 8 – Episode 8




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