The Best Pocket Square Holder

Cedric Cobb, inventor of the Best Pocket Square Holder and founder and CEO of Best Wardrobe Solutions, was an MBA while still a teenager. (That would be “Mother’s Business Assistant.”) Every Saturday, Cedric worked at his mother’s stall in a St. Louis, MO, flea market. The professional seamstress sold her beautifully designed dresses as well as lovely incidental home and personal products. Cedric learned the proper way to address and serve customers and when and how to negotiate prices. He loved every minute of it. His mother also taught him that he could be anything he wanted to be, and even when he was that young, he wanted to be a successful and respected businessman. And he certainly is that.

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As the always fashionable Cedric forged his successful path in corporate sales, management and wardrobe consulting, he noted the importance of presenting the right image and how often that depended on the small details. The importance of one small detail occurred to him as he watched an episode of The Steve Harvey Show. Steve (arguably the best-dressed man on television) was demonstrating how to fold a pocket square. After all, he is never without one. When Steve secured the folded square with fabric tape, Cedric was appalled, thinking, “No, no, no!” He thought of all the other men he had seen trying to tame the unruly squares and decided to solve the 100-year-old problem of pocket squares that would not behave in a man’s suit breast pocket. That’s how the Best Pocket Square Holder became the flagship product of Best Wardrobe Solutions and is now sold in all 50 states and 37 countries.

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The Best Pocket Square Holder is made from lightweight but strong freckled felt. Unlike cardboard, the felt doesn’t slip or slide against the lining of the pocket. It holds the fold of any square in the pocket of a suit, tuxedo, sport coat or vest (or a denim jacket—yes, go ahead, dare to be different). The holder is designed to fit snugly inside of the pocket, and its clamping mechanism keeps that square just where you want it. You can be confident that you and your pocket square are looking as fine as when you left home!

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There are more ways to wear your pocket square than you ever imagined—a couple dozen at last count. Cedric provides tutorial videos on how to fold one, two or three squares. The holder can be used with up to five squares. With one square, you can have the Bamboo, Fan or Rose folds. With two squares, the Double Bird of Paradise, Double Point Sway or Double Eagle folds. With three or more squares, the Big Frank fold. All you need to do is fold the square(s) per the tutorial, secure it by squeezing the Best Pocket Square Holder open at the top and insert the styled and folded pocket square. Insert the holder into your pocket. Face the world looking professional, classic, trendy or formal, as you choose. Or avant garde—don’t dismiss that denim jacket idea.

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Did You Know?

  • The use of small squares of fabric have been used for 4,000 years as status symbols. In Ancient Egypt, linen cloths dyed a vivid red were worn as a display of power, wealth and sophistication. Unless you were powerful, wealthy and sophisticated enough to have silk squares.
  • The upper classes in Ancient Greece and Rome used white linen squares and added a practical purpose. They perfumed the fabric to ward off the stench of the streets and the diseases that they believed were carried by those “vapors.”
  • This practice continued into the Middle Ages in Europe, where the wealthy perfumed their silk squares. Often the silk was embroidered with beautiful patterns. King Richard II of England started the trend toward loud colors trimmed with lace.
  • By the 16th and 17th centuries, the fabric came in shapes other than square and in a wide variety of sizes, and the finely designed became valuable, often becoming prized family heirlooms. By the 18th century, the “Can you top this?” aspect of the practice was out of control with the once small squares increasing to unwieldy sizes. Leave it to Marie Antoinette to set things straight. Rumor has it that she made King Louis XVI decree that no square would be more than 16 square inches. No one knows what the punishment was for disobeying the decree.


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