The Duo Umbrella with Two Handles

The Duo Umbrella is an invention created by Nathaniel Wellen and his father Alexander Wellen from Redondo Beach, California. The umbrella features a patented dual-handle design that makes sharing an umbrella easier and safer.

Duo Umbrella Shark Tank B

The idea for The Duo Umbrella came about after Nathaniel and his father Alexander Wellen realized the difficulties of sharing a standard single-handle umbrella between two people of different heights. Conventional umbrellas are designed for use by one person and don’t function well when shared by people of varying statures. The Duo Umbrella solves this problem with its patented extendable second handle that allows both people to comfortably grasp the umbrella at an appropriate height.

Duo Umbrella Shark Tank

In Season 15, 15-year-old Nathaniel Wellen pitched The Duo Umbrella on Shark Tank. As President of Duo LLC, Nathaniel oversees the overall strategy and operations of the company he co-founded with his father Alexander. Together, Nathaniel and his father Alexander are reimagining the umbrella with their new dual-handle design.

Duo Umbrella Shark Tank C

While the umbrella dates back thousands of years, The Duo Umbrella is one of the first innovations to address the functionality flaws of single-handle umbrellas when shared. By providing a second adjustable handle, the Wellens’ invention allows two people to comfortably and safely stay dry together in the rain.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/19/2024 – Season 15 – Episode 11




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