Tipsy Elves Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Christmas is full of tradition. There’s food, parties, time with family and ugly Christmas sweaters. More often unintentionally ugly than not, these sweaters were old, smelled terrible and in the event you actually wanted one, you could only find them at your local thrift store.

TipsyElves recreates those old sweaters with fun, witty, high-quality Christmas apparel that the entire family can enjoy. These aren’t your grandma’s Christmas sweaters.

The trend of ugly Christmas sweater parties started more than a decade ago where your only choice was go to diving in your parent’s attic or hitting the thrift stores. There really wasn’t anywhere you could buy an ugly sweater, which, of course makes sense. Who would want to buy a sweater that’s intentionally ugly? Today everyone does and TipsyElves makes it easy.

Designs range from funny to toeing the edge of being inappropriate, but it’s all in good fun. No matter your taste in ugly sweaters, TipsyElves has something for you. You can wear an elf sweater-dress, the abominable snowman under the mistletoe, a bucktooth Rudolph and dozens more.

TipsyElves also carries a wide range of apparel for other seasons throughout the year. You can get a “Happy Single’s Awareness Day” shirt for Valentine’s Day, “Can’t Stop Drinking About You” for St. Patrick’s Day and a patriotic-themed jump suit for the 4th of July.

TipsyElves is about more than holidays. You can get retro, neon fanny packs, stars and stripes beanies, menorah socks, and ugly ties. They also have sweaters for your dog and your wine bottles, complete with a stocking cap for the cork. Seriously.

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The folks behind TipsyElves aren’t all about fun and games though. They’re also about supporting a good cause. They have partnered with Save the Children in their sweaters 4 sweaters initiative to provide warm clothing to children in need.




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