Angel Shave Club For Women

Any women who has stood in the health and beauty aisle having a difficult time remembering for sure which razor blade refill she needs, or pondering whether she might want to try one of the numerous new varieties of handles, colors, blades, and shaving creams will certainly appreciate the simplicity and ease of belonging to the Angel Shave Club.

According to a 6/6/15 article “Shaving Statistics: 23 Remarkable Facts” by Rebecca Lake, it is estimated that women spend an average 72 days during their lifetime shaving their legs. That adds up to a lot of hours and a lot of money spent on razors and shaving cream, not to mention the time spent out shopping for supplies!

Angel Shave Club founder and CEO, Iskra Tsenkova, recalls the day when she reached for her razor in the shower and realized that both she and her husband had the same kind. But she had purchased hers in a store, while her husband had gotten his through his membership in the Dollar Shave Club. She had spent more money on the same razor, and she had to go out shopping for hers, while his had simply “appeared” at their doorstep.

As Tsenkova described to Michelle Dederko on in an 8/3/16 interview, she asked herself the obvious question: “…how is there not a business like this for women?” A native of Bulgaria, she had been living in the San Diego area for nine years and had worked as a sales rep and yoga instructor. Tsenkova had grown up with very little, but had always dreamed of having her own business.

She envisioned a club that would provide razors designed in colors and styles with women in mind, and delivered in a beautiful box on a schedule that fit the individual member’s lifestyle. Finding nothing that fulfilled her vision, in October of 2015, she began to pursue production of her ideal razor. Initial funding was sought through an Indiegogo campaign and Angel Shave Club officially launched in March of 2016. Women would not be just an afterthought of men’s shaving clubs, but now had a boutique shaving club of their own! Within four months, she had gained approximately 2,000 subscribers.

Angel Shave Club Women Shark Tank 3

Each subscription offers a choice between three or five blades, made from high quality US steel, with a flexible head and Aloe Vera and Vitamin E moisturizing strips to reduce irritation. Handles come in two colors and are ergonomically designed for a non-slip and perfect control grip. Delivery can be scheduled either every two or every four months, and shipping within the US is free. Angel Shave Club also offers an all-natural Shaving Soufflé, made from Aloe Vera, Bentonite clay and scented in Sugar & Fig with sweet Almond Oil, as well as a “First Shave Kit,” containing a razor, Shaving Soufflé, and other items to celebrate this coming of age event.

Tsenkova has never forgotten her beginnings in a very poor country, where “…literally education was all I had.” That is why she has committed to donating a portion of all profits to organizations that help girls in underprivileged countries get access to education. She has described her business as dedicated to making the world beautiful both inside and out!

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/20/19 – Season 10 – Episode 11


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