Buzzy – Takes the Sting out of Shots

No one likes getting shots or having their blood drawn. Kids melt down in the doctor’s office and many adults probably would too given the choice. There’s just nothing fun about getting pricked with a needle. It’s even worse when you are a tough stick and it takes several tries to get it right.

Buzzy is an innovative device developed by Dr. Amy Baxter, pediatrician and pain researcher, to solve this problem. It provides distraction and natural pain relief, virtually eliminating the feeling of the needle stick. It uses a simple combination of vibration and ice to block the pain. It does not use any narcotics whatsoever and it’s completely reusable.

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Buzzy uses a simple trick to overwhelm the pain nerves near the injection site. Your nerves can’t transfer every impulse they receive, so they do their best to select the most important messages. Buzzy takes advantage of two tricks, Gate Theory of Pain Control (the vibration) and the Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control (the ice) to make the nerves transport the sensations from the cold and the buzzing instead of the prick from the needle.

Multiple studies have been performed on Buzzy showing that it actually reduces pain in adults and children. In addition, the success rate of IV increased by three times. Over 5,000 hospitals and clinics and more than 45,000 individuals have adopted Buzzy and it has received numerous awards in the medical and technology sectors. Buzzy really works.

A Buzzy Mini is also available for home use. The Buzzy Mini is perfect for any self administered injections or to take along on trips to the doctor. Designed for the demands of a hospital environment, the Buzzy is made from medical-grade plastic, can withstand frequent cleaning with medical-grade cleaners and is fully FDA compliant. If it is built for this environment, you know it will last in your own home.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 2/28/2014 – Season 5 – Episode 18




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