Grip Clean Natural Industrial Hand Soap

Grip Clean is the world’s first completely all-natural industrial strength hand soap. It has a not-so-secret ingredient that’s a bit counterintuitive – dirt! Turns out dirt is one of the most effective substances on the planet for absorbing grease, oils, chemicals, and toxins. Dirt works itself deep into your pores and grabs grease like a sponge.

Bryce Hudson is a professional motocross rider, stunt rider, and XGames medalist who needed a better solution for cleaning his hands after working in the garage. The grit and grime from mechanic work is tough to remove without resorting to harsh chemicals that are damaging to your skin or environmentally toxic.

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There are other industrial hand cleaners widely available, but none are all-natural products, and they tend to dry out your hands when used regularly, leading to cracked or itchy skin.

Grip Clean is a smooth feeling vegetable based liquid soap infused with key lime, with light pumice sand to aid in scrubbing.

“Throughout the years of involvement in the motorcycle and offroad industry, I always came across multiple scenarios where my hands became greasy, dirty, oily, or sticky. Having tried multiple products across the market, none were able to live up to my high expectations. All of these products are filled with harmful chemicals, in which I wasn’t washing the harmful toxins off my hands, I was only further contributing to them by using these synthetic cleaners. I was determined to find a safe, and effective way to cleanse my hands. Upon further research, I was unable to find any product on the market that fit my needs. So I took it upon myself to create my own soap that met these standards, and exceeded even my own expectations.”

-Bryce Hudson

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