Legacy Shaving Cream Brush

The Legacy Shave Brush is a combination of an old fashioned shaving brush and a modern shaving cream can. Premium shaving cream is dispensed through the bristles of the brush, making it easy to work up a lather without the mess of a traditional brush and bowl.

Legacy Shaving Can Brush Shark Tank

The Legacy Shaving Brush stimulates and lifts hair follicles for a super close shave with less irritation and fewer razor bumps. Brushes come in four styles (black, carbon fiber, camo, and wood grain) and can be removed from the can to reuse with Legacy Shaving Cream refills.

The Legacy Shave Brush also fits on top of any other standard shaving cream you might normally use, including gels. You’ll get a better shave and you won’t have shaving cream foam all over your hands.

Legacy Shaving Can Brush Refill Cans

The Legacy Shaving system also cuts down on landfill waste as it lasts about 4 times as long as a traditional shaving cream can. Legacy’s Premium Shaving Cream is made with reverse osmosis filtered water which removes impurities, and has aloe which will help heal and replenish moisture to your skin. Legacy Shave also sells premium razors, soaps and shaving accessories.

How it Started

The original Legacy Shave Brush was created more than 20 years ago by brothers Dave and Mike Gutow while they were still in college. Their father assisted them in creating a functional prototype for their idea, which was an encouraging proof of concept despite its simple form.

They worked to refine the design, had product molds professionally made, and ordered the production of 3,000 (unassembled) units. Despite the fact that the invention was a good one, the brothers ended up only assembling 200 units, and no real attempt was made to promote the product. They were young, about to graduate college, and just weren’t ready to start a business.

Legacy Shaving Can Brush Gift Set

Sadly, their father died after a long fight with cancer. After his passing, while Dave and Mike were cleaning up their parent’s basement, they discovered their father had assembled all 3,000 units and tucked them away under his workbench. This was the inspiration the brothers needed to revive the idea, and make the business a reality.

After a few product improvements, they secured design and utility patents and named their company Legacy in honor of their father. For initial seed money they launched a Kickstarter campaign and surpassed their funding goal in just 24 hours.


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