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There may be an infinite number of ways in which fathers and sons bond—things like the love of baseball, the lure of buried treasure, competitive dog grooming. Steve and Josh King have a bond which is likely unique—it’s prettying up packages. Yes, those packages.

The idea came to Josh while playing “Can you top this?” with his friends. The topic: their botched attempts to manscape. Jason tried to use an electric trimmer that was plugged in while in the shower. Sean got the trimmer’s cord caught on the faucet, nicked his cojones and sat on ice for the next two weeks. Mark didn’t notice the rust on the head of his trimmer, nicked himself, became septic and needed months of antibiotics. And on and on it went.

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Josh went to his father, Steve, with the horror stories he heard and his realization that there was a need for tools ergonomically designed to make manscaping safe and hygienic and products formulated to cleanse, moisturize and deodorize. Manscaped resulted, with Steve as CEO and Josh as Brand Director. Together they founded the company that is now the #1 brand in below-the-waist grooming for guys.

Manscaped features American-made tools that give a man a close, refined appearance in those most challenging and sensitive of regions.

The Lawn Mower 2.0

Their second-generation trimmer is cordless and waterproof and uniquely designed for the below-the-waist zone. It fits in the palm of your hand to allow for flexibility and accuracy in hard-to-navigate, sensitive areas. The trimmer features Manscaped’s ToughShearTM blades designed for coarse and curly hair; a rust-resistant replaceable ceramic blade module with SkinSafeTM technology to prevent nicks and snags; and two adjustable guide combs for four different hair lengths.

The Plow

This safety razor designed for coarse and curly hair is sized and weighted to shave any area effortlessly without irritating the skin and leaving razor bumps behind. The built-in guard cuts hair at skin level and reduces the risk of painful tugging, pulling, nicks and cuts.

Magic Mat

Keep things neat with an eight-page newsletter full of wisdom and jokes (mostly jokes). After you read it, use it to stand on while you trim so that the “fall-out” is contained and easily disposed.

The Shears

You won’t need manscaping if your nails are ragged and jagged and dirty. Manscaped can take care of that problem also with its five-piece nail kit that includes round-tipped safety scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, ear pick, and refining file—all made from stainless steel that resists rust.

Skincare Products

Crop Cleanser is a combined body and hair wash that contains aloe and sea salt. Use it after trimming as well as for daily cleansing.

Crop Reviver is a spray-on toner that contains aloe and witch hazel to soothe and hydrate those sensitive and easily chafed areas.

Crop Preserver multitasks as an oil-free moisturizer and deodorant that reduces bacterial growth to keep you fresh feeling and smelling all day “down there.”

Steve and Josh give back by donating a portion of the proceeds from Manscaped products:

  • The Navy Seal Foundation that provides support and assistance to Navy Seals and their families.
  • The Pride Foundation that provides opportunities for LGBTQ youth, adults and families to enjoy the freedom to live authentic lives.
  • The Movember Foundation that is devoted to men’s health issues, including prostrate and testicular cancer, improved approaches to mental health care and suicide prevention.

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