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Barbara Lampugnale and her six daughters enjoyed getting together for “nail night.” The problem was gathering all the products that ended up in a jumble. So Barbara created a product that contained all of the items needed in one package: nail polish, pre-soaked remover pads and a file. She called her product “Nail Pak” and founded her company, Duality Cosmetics, that she was able to finance herself. She was looking for an investment, because distribution had suffered as she spent her time applying for a patent and creating inventory.

Nail Pak Nail Polish Kits Shark Tank 2

Kevin was interested and wanted to partner with Lori. Lori told him he added no value; she would invest by herself: $50,000 for 51%. Kevin then tried to get Daymond to partner with him. While those two were “bickering” about the terms, Lori jumped in and told Barbara just what she could do for her. Barbara took the deal.

Lori got Nail Pak on QVC, it sold out and got fantastic reviews. Lori then introduced Barbara to Ulta Beauty, who agreed to carry Nail Pak in their stores and online. Before the Shark Tank Update, Lori and Barbara had already racked up nearly $750,000 in sales. So Nail Pak was a stellar Shark Tank success story? No.

Nail Pak Nail Polish Kits Shark Tank 3

In a couple years, Duality Cosmetics went out of business. Website was gone, Lori was gone, and QVC and Ulta Beauty no longer sold Nail Pak. No one knows what happened. In 2014 or 2015, Barbara started a new business, Grace Nail Company, selling “Manicure in a Bottle” that is now called “All in One.” It seems to be exactly the same as Nail Pak, and the Grace Nail Company website says, “As Seen on Shark Tank.”

Shark Tank Air Date: 4/27/2012 – Season 3 – Episode 12




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