OpulenceMD Beauty Magnetic Eyelashes

Anika S. Goodwin, MD, has an impressive resume. She is a 1997 graduate of the University of Chapel Hill, with a BS in Pharmacy. In 2001 she earned her MD at the Medical University of South Carolina. After earning her MD, she worked for the Federal Government for eight years, and then founded her own company, EYEmergency, in Arizona. In 2017 she established DocMcdiva, LLC, and in 2019 her current company, Opulence MD Beauty.

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You might ask: what on earth is an ophthalmologist going to pitch on Shark Tank? Well, as a Board-certified doctor she is concerned with healthy eyes. As Doc McDiva, she is a woman who wants to look glam when she goes out on the town (or even when she has to stay home during a pandemic). Anika had used glue-on lash extensions for many years. But the damage done to her natural lashes by the glue forced her to use lash extensions just to look “normal.”

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Because she is a trained eye specialist, Doc McDiva is well aware of the importance of protecting your eyes from injury and exposure to toxic chemicals. She firmly believes that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their health to look good; unfortunately, that is a difficult choice the beauty industry often creates. Since Doc McDiva was both a trained medical professional and a “Lashinista,” she was in the perfect position to create something that wouldn’t force women to make the choice between glam and healthy eyes!

OpulenceMD Beauty had its official launch in June of 2020, with an on-line “Lashes and Libations” celebration. A weekly video “Lash Party” is especially designed to assist new users to the proper use and care of OpulenceMD beauty products.

The lashes are made of Siberian mink. They are secured to the eyelid by a magnetic liner containing trace amounts of tiny iron oxide particles, which conforms to FDA standards. The liner is free of ferrous or ferrous oxides, and the liners and lashes are free of latex and parabens. Lashes are available in various styles and collections with names such as “Well to Do” and “Bold and Beautiful.”

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In September of 2020, OpulenceMD was awarded a $10,000 grant from Stacy’s Rise Project, in cooperation with “Hello Alice.” These grants are earmarked for businesses founded by Black female entrepreneurs. In addition to the grant money, recipients are provided a prominent spotlight on Stacy’s Amazon e-commerce hub, and executive coaching and mentorship.

True to its commitment to health and well-being, for every sale of a Double Lash Essentials Kit, OpulenceMD sponsors a low-cost or free eye screening examination for someone who could not afford one. Doc McDiva also donates luxury lashes to women who suffer hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy.


Shark Tank Air Date: 4/9/2021 – Season 12 – Episode 20




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