The Sleep Styler – Styles Your Hair While You Sleep

Tara Brown loved the way her big, bouncy curls looked after washing, drying, applying product and heat styling or roller setting her hair. What she didn’t love was the process! After trying a number of DIY styling alternatives, she was left wondering: could this be even simpler? Could hairstyling actually be a relaxing experience? That’s why she tested over 100 fabrics before landing on the kitten-soft milled microfiber that lines The Sleep Styler. These plush rollers hold 4-5 times their own weight in water, making them perfect for drying (and setting) hair overnight while you sleep.

Until The Sleep Styler, there were two options: damage locks with heat tools, or sit for hours with uncomfortable curling rods. Sleeping comfortably with those things on your head? Impossible! Not so with The Sleep Styler. These ultra-comfy memory foam rods are an easy-to-use alternative to everyday curlers, sized perfectly to get those big, bouncy curls you adore. What’s more, this simple tool was designed to curl or straighten hair, potentially eliminating the need for using any heat tools at all.

Brown crafted The Sleep Styler so that it’s ever-so-easy to use. Simply wash hair as usual, wrap damp hair around with a twist (for curls) or flat (to straighten), go to bed on the comfy cylinders, and remove in the morning. These things save time in the morning and space under the bathroom sink. Set them before bed, or before you binge watch that new show with 4 seasons and 12 episodes per season that you found. Use them completely heat-free to prevent breakage. Just wrap hair and hold firmly in place with the self-adhesive, ultrasuede strap.

The Sleep Styler is the first of its kind to feature materials your head will actually like, including a high-performance microfiber wicking exterior. This plush material dries without drying-out your hair, so curls come out shiny and silky. The Sleep Styler could replace the traditional flat iron, blow dryer and curling iron, creating luscious curls without the risk of irreversible heat styling damage. The memory foam core is as soft as that high-end mattress you love, meaning you won’t have to sleep on your face (or sitting upright) just to get the perfect next-day hairstyle.

The Sleep Styler’s Kickstarter campaign ran mid-2016 and raised over $46,000 to launch the product—perhaps living proof that the buying market is huge. With so many women becoming more conscious of natural hairstyles and the damaging effects of constant heat, the time is ripe for The Sleep Styler to hit. Straighten your curls, curl your straights or just enhance your texture with these easy-to-use rods. They’re the perfect option for shoulder-length or longer tresses. The removable outer makes them easy to wash.

These tools have already received love from beauty enthusiasts as well as On Air with Ryan Secrest,, and many more press outlets. There’s nothing not to love about them—the fabric, the ease of use, and the results are high quality.

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