Stealth Bros. & Co. Dopp Kits

Braxton Fleming founded Stealth Bros. & Co. to produce fashionable dopp kits to keep safe and discreet the hormone replacement therapy and other medical paraphernalia needed by transgender men.

Dopp kits were first created in the 1920s. Charles Doppelt, a Chicago leathersmith, made toiletry bags for men to keep their shaving gear, soap, deodorant, toothbrush and paste and hair products, particularly when traveling. During World War II, the Army gave out the bags to each recruit. The soldiers loved them and continued using them after the war. The bags became famous as “dopp kits,” and soon “dopp kit” became the generic name for all toiletry bags.

Braxton Fleming Shark Tank

Braxton explains that, for transgender men, hormone replacement therapy is for life, and the necessary injectables are usually scheduled weekly or monthly, depending on individual need. The dopp kit also has compartments for needles, alcohol swabs and testosterone bottles, as well as toiletries. Diabetics and women undergoing IVF have also found the kits convenient for carrying their medical supplies.

He originally founded the company to raise money for his own top surgery (a procedure to create a masculine-looking chest) and as a way to connect to the larger transgender community. His mission statement promises to make clientele feel safe, neat and discreet while being able to express themselves as individuals, and to make individuals comfortable while injecting medications daily, weekly or bi-weekly.

The mission statement is encapsulated in the company’s name:
Stealth = discreet
Bros. = brotherhood
Co. = allied communities

Stealth Bros Dopp Kits Shark Tank Blue

Original Dopp Kit

The original dopp kit is a 9” x 4” x 5 ½” rectangular cube (cuboid) with zippered compartments and a handle. The vegan-friendly material, leather or polyester, is available in three colors: neutral, blue and green.

Jr Dopp Kit

The Jr kit fits in the palm of your hand: 8” x 3” x 2 ½” and comes in a variety of colors and designs. There are specific places for everything you need for week-to-week injections.

Stealth Bros Support Fund

His first year in business, Braxton raised enough to pay for his top surgery, but he donated it to another trans man in need. That was the start of the fund to help individuals achieve their gender-affirming goals, financed by a percentage of every sale.

In 2022, the fund will give two individuals $500 each to help pay for gender-affirming hormone therapy or other transitioning needs. Applications can be printed from the Stealth Bros. Co. website. Braxton will personally read every entry and select the top 10. On December 20 (the 5th anniversary of the company), a lottery will determine the two winners.

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