Suds2Go Portable Hand Washing Bottle

Cindy and Gabe Trevizo and their four children are an outdoor family. There is soccer and baseball, picnics and weekend camping, monkey bars and sand castles. Too often there isn’t a suitable place to clean the dirt and germs off of all those little hands—and the big hands also. It became more of a problem for the Trevizos in 2018 during a really bad flu season and their youngest child was still an infant and very vulnerable. They had attended a birthday party at an amusement park. It was great fun, but the party hosts neglected to make sure there was soap in the restrooms. Since it’s said that we encounter 800,000 germs in an ordinary hour, imagine what the family would be taking home to the baby after an amusement park!

Gabe knew that hand sanitizers have their place, but are not a “cure-all.” They will never replace good ol’ soap and water for getting everything off of your hands: germs, dirt, grime, grease, heavy metals and harmful chemicals, such as insecticides. He checked the internet for a solution, but found none, so he got to work. He had a successful campaign on Kickstarter and was able to fund research and development, design engineers and a patent attorney. He created the world’s first portable handwashing system: the Suds2Go Bottle and Suds2Go Caps.

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Suds2Go Bottle

The dual-purpose water bottle allows people to wash their hands wherever they go and keep themselves hydrated. The 25-ounce bottle is stainless steel, double walled and vacuum-sealed, guaranteeing your drinking water will stay refreshingly cold. It also comes in some attractive colors, such as cranberry, midnight, ocean and bubble gum.

The patented design includes an integrated foaming soap dispenser and pump in the lid and two separate BPA-free plastic valves, one with a restrictive flow for rinsing your hands, one for drinking. The dispenser is refillable with Suds2Go foaming soap or your own. It holds 65-75 pumps worth of soap (only 2 or 3 pumps are necessary per handwashing).

Simply pump the foaming soap into the palm of your hand and rinse off with the valve that metes out the water so that it isn’t wasted.

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Suds2Go Caps

The caps are pre-filled with foaming soap (enough for 30 pumps) and attach to a disposable plastic water bottle. All you have to do is press the cap onto the bottle, and you have a convenient, portable handwashing device. One pump dispenses enough soap to thoroughly wash your hands. Rinse off with the water in the bottle.

Sing Your Way to Squeaky Clean Hands

Remember to scrub your hands for 20 seconds, the length of time it takes to sing or hum “Happy Birthday” twice. When you want to change it up, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” once or “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” three times work.

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Suds2Go Partners with Water for Good

The Water for Good mission is to end water poverty in one of the world’s poorest countries, the Central African Republic. They drill wells and then maintain them, as traveling technicians make sure the clean water continues to flow. For every 52 bottles sold, Suds2Go provides water for an individual for an entire year.

Shark Tank Air Date: 4/16/2021 – Season 12 – Episode 21




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