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Patrick Coddou remembered the razor his grandfather used after his sensitive skin had been through a particularly rough shave. He wished for the closeness and comfort of an injector razor and managed to find a vintage version; it was all he imagined. There was no razor burn or irritation, no razor bumps or ingrown hairs. When he went looking for a modern version of the injector razor, he found they were no longer made. Surely, the mechanical engineer who worked on the most advanced military fighter jet in the world for Lockheed Martin could build a better razor.

Supply Razor Shark Tank Shaving Kit

Patrick and his wife Jennifer, a math teacher and fitness specialist for a Texas medical center, founded Supply to supply customers with impeccably designed everyday essentials. First off the presses, the Single Edge safety razor, a reinvention of the single-blade razor of years past.

Supply Razor Shark Tank Razor In Case

The Single Edge is designed in a simple, sturdy two-piece construction, 100% solid aerospace-grade stainless steel that will never rust or break—backed up with a lifetime guarantee. The blade adjusts (Sensitive, Comfortable, Ultra close) so that you can get the closest shave of your life, as well as the most comfortable and irritation free. A major advantage of the design is the angle of the razor.

There is no maneuvering of the razor head that can leave behind nicks. Simply place the flat head against your skin, and you are ready to go. And that includes the ladies who are loving how smooth their skin is after shaving and enjoying not having to fear razor burn and irritation. Some have found that they can go longer between shaves, possibly the best advantage of the Single Edge to female users.

The Supply injector blades are comfort-coated stainless steel and twice as thick as blades in cartridges or other single blades. They last twice as long, have less flex and cut cleaner. They also rinse clean easily and, unlike multi-blade razors, do not get clogged up with shaving cream and hair that slows down the shaving process and facilitates bacterial growth. The razor blades and razor are completely recyclable.

Supply Razor Shark Tank Shaving

Jennifer and Patrick have also developed grooming products and accessories.

  • The Silvertip Synthetic Shave Brush is designed to whip up a cushion of lather when paired with the Ultra Lather Shave Cream, formulated with glycerin, shea butter and jojoba oil. The Healing Post Shave is alcohol-free; it hydrates, nourishes and calms sensitive post-shave skin with witch hazel, glycerin and aloe vera.
  • The marble accessories are hand-crafted from solid white marble and highly polished to a luminous finish. They do more than lend elegance to the bathroom décor. The shaving bowl, for instance, has micro-ridges on its inside surface that work with the brush to whip up rich clouds of lather in a matter of seconds. Because marble is excellent at holding heat, the lather stays warm.

Supply Razor Shark Tank Grooming Supplies

Jennifer and Patrick design everything in-house and use only the finest of materials. Their products are designed to last a lifetime. And if ever a product fails to live up to these standards, they replace and repair it at no cost to the customer. They are as committed to customer service as they are to the integrity of their products.

They like to express their appreciation of current and retired members of the military by offering them 15% off items purchased from their website.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/3/19 – Season 11 – Episode 6




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