Thin Gloss

April Morris hated being called “chubby.” She tried diet pills, but could not live with the side effects. Her “Aha!” moment came while she was applying lip gloss. Maybe an herb or a scent in lip gloss could help women lose weight. April did her research and discovered that Hoodia, a cactus-like plant that grows in Africa’s Kalahari Desert, had been used as an appetite suppressant. She then found particular aromas that improve mood and increase energy. To be able to fund this product, April went to work in real estate and was so successful that, in about a year, she could launch her business. She was in the Tank because she was running out of money.

Women use Thin Gloss by inhaling it 30 minutes before eating to curb the appetite, then apply the gloss to look and feel great. April felt she had created a new niche in cosmetics. She already had a contract with one of the largest cosmetic companies in India to distribute Thin Gloss.

Thin Gloss Shark Tank 2

The sharks advised her to be leery of distributors who want the money up front and told her about the huge import duties in India. Mainly, though, they objected to her claims of weight loss without clinical studies being done. April replied that she wasn’t saying exactly that; she was following guidance from an FDA lawyer. But the presentation materials she had with her advertised weight loss with before-and-after photos, at the very least implying those women had used Thin Gloss. The sharks could not back the product.

After the episode aired, sales skyrocketed, but interest soon waned. In 2012, April closed the business. Today she is a successful sales coach and motivational speaker.

Thin Gloss is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 4/15/2011 – Season 2 – Episode 5




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