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Worthy Brands is carving out a unique niche in the healthcare sector by focusing on specialized medical patches for individuals dealing with conditions like refractive amblyopia and the challenges of chemo ports. Through its flagship products, See Worthy Patches and Port Worthy Patches, the company addresses the practical and emotional aspects of these conditions, offering solutions that bring both relief and comfort to its users. Worthy Brands fills a gap in the market, prioritizing areas that have often been overlooked in the broader healthcare industry.

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Born on the Big Island, Paige Brattin, Founder and CEO of Worthy Brands, is no stranger to the entrepreneurial world. Prior to her current venture, Brattin successfully launched a maternity boutique in Honolulu, which she eventually sold in 2008 to focus on her family. The birth of her first daughter, Eddy, in 2009, catalyzed a major turning point in her career path. During an annual checkup, Eddy was diagnosed with refractive amblyopia, a treatable vision impairment that necessitated the wearing of an eye patch for several hours each day. As a devoted mother, Brattin was not satisfied with the options available on the market, which she found to be antiquated in design and uncomfortable in use.

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Motivated by her daughter’s experience and drawing inspiration from her own background as an educator, Brattin decided to take matters into her own hands. This drive for innovation led to the birth of See Worthy Patches, a line of eye patches that are comfortable, breathable, and designed to be more appealing, especially for children. Later on, another chapter in her family’s health struggles opened an avenue for yet another product. When her father was diagnosed with lymphoma and had to deal with the discomfort of a chemo port, Brattin expanded her product range by launching Port Worthy Patches. These were designed to ease the discomfort and inconvenience caused by medical ports, thereby filling a significant gap in the market.

Worthy Brands Products

Worthy Brands offers a portfolio of medical patches that focus on two primary areas: vision treatment and chemo port care. See Worthy Patches, the company’s flagship product, is specifically designed for patients dealing with refractive amblyopia or other vision-related issues. The patches feature a patented adhesive technology with a unique channeled layout, which allows for better breathability and easy removal at the end of the day. Going beyond functionality, the product also incorporates an aesthetic element. With a variety of fun and unique designs, the patches are made to be appealing to kids, making the otherwise tedious process of wearing them more bearable.

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Port Worthy, another key offering by Worthy Brands, addresses the problems associated with medical ports used in chemotherapy or other treatments. Conventional solutions have failed to deliver the level of comfort and utility that patients require, a gap that Port Worthy aims to fill. These patches are gentle on the skin, avoiding the irritation and pulling that often accompany other adhesive products. The patches are also precisely sized to cover the port without causing disruption during use or removal.

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Both See Worthy and Port Worthy are a testament to the company’s commitment to improving patients’ lives. While these patches may appear as simple accessories, their design, driven by personal experience and crafted with innovative materials and technologies, plays a significant role in easing the daily lives of those grappling with vision impairments or the difficulties associated with medical ports. Through her work with Worthy Brands, Paige Brattin has transformed her own family’s health challenges into an opportunity to serve a wider community, affirming the notion that sometimes the most meaningful innovations come from personal struggles and the aspiration to make life a little easier for others.


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