Aqua Vault Lockbox Safe

Everyone loves being outdoors and having fun in the sun. A trip to the pool or the beach is a great way to spend a summer afternoon, but it’s always a challenge keeping your valuables safe. When you need to go for a dip in the water, where do you put your wallet, keys and phone?

Maybe you have a designated stuff watcher, but otherwise you have to lock as much in the car as you can, and then hide the rest and hope for the best.

The AquaVault makes it easy to keep your personal items safe and secure at the beach, the pool, the park or anywhere else. It’s a personal safe designed for the outdoors. The unique design attaches to a railing or outdoor furniture, securely storing all of your valuable items.

shark tank products aqua vault outdoor lockbox safe

Made from ABS thermoplastic, it’s durable enough to withstand even the most aggressive attackers. It locks using a 3 digit code so there’s no key to keep up with. You can use it practically anywhere since it fits 95% of all outdoor and beach furniture. There is nothing else that is as durable and easy to use.

The AquaVault is roomy inside too. With 120 inches of cargo space, there’s plenty of room for your cash, wallet, jewelry, mobile phones, medication, room keys, car keys and more. There’s enough space to share with a friend or a family member, but the AquaVault is affordable enough to buy everyone their own.

The AquaVault isn’t just for the beach. It easily attaches to strollers, golf carts, park benches or anything else with a handle. It is compact and versatile enough to use anywhere. No matter where you are, the AquaVault is the perfect solution to keep your valuable items safe.

Shark Tank Air Date: 3/13/2015 – Season 6 – Episode 22




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