Beer Blizzard – Beer Can Ice Cube

Don’t you hate it when you’re halfway through a cold beer at a backyard barbecue, laughing with your friends, and you take a sip only to taste lukewarm fizz sliding across your tongue? That’s the worst. Mike and Oz over at Beer Blizzard hate that feeling more than anyone, so they’ve created an easy and simple solution to this conundrum. Their creation? A simple, plastic disc you can freeze and slide into any koozie to keep your beer cold and refreshing to the last sip.

The Beer Blizzard insert is a simple, effective tool for keeping any beer cold. Hot summer get-togethers at the lake, family reunions and all sporting events call for beer, but it can be a hassle to keep cans cold. From cans that sweat to nothing in your palm to beer that’s been warmed to match the outdoor temperature, there’s no shortage of challenges that can make enjoying a cold beer a hassle.

Mike and Oz, the guys behind Beer Blizzard, have crafted an insanely simple tool for keeping beer cans (and bottles, too) cold from the first sip to the very last. The device itself is super simple. The blue disc is made of plastic that’s easily frozen and reused anytime. When it’s time to enjoy a cold one, just slip the chilled disc into the bottom of your koozie, where it’s ready to keep your beer cold while you relax with friends, family and strangers.

The Beer Blizzard is ready for unlimited use, and with both six and twelve-packs available, it’s perfect for any size gathering. You can always keep them all for yourself, we won’t tell. This handy little device is easy to use, effective and doesn’t get in the way. Grab a can and a koozie, and you’re ready to enjoy your day.

UPDATE: The Beer Blizzard has been discontinued.

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