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A dirt-less, automated garden, planted on the wall of your own kitchen may sound a little “space age”, and that’s because it is. Edntech, a Colorado-based tech company owned by Ryan Woltz, created the first Edn Garden to be an indoor zen garden that makes it easier than ever to grow your own food. This beautiful, simple wood garden setup makes it possible for anyone to enjoy fresh veggies and herbs.

Many of us want to eat healthier, but bemoan the time, energy and money it takes to get our hands on fresh, whole foods. Travelling to farmers markets and organic grocery stores may prove to be very Instagram-able outings, but may not be reasonable in a regular basis. The result for busy people is often poor health choices. When Ryan Wolts and Edntech developed the first WallGarden, this is something he kept in mind. Using his tech and engineering background, he created a standalone garden that required no messy soil, no tilling, no constant water … the garden didn’t even require sunlight.

The garden uses NASA technology to grow plants from seed to bloom with little human contact. Simply install 32 x 30 x 8 planter on any wall, place seeds, and go. The WallGarden, an impressively modern-looking wall unit made of natural materials, provides space for up to 21 plants. This could include everyday herbs, flowers, or any other plant. Edntech even sells special seed pods for planting to streamline the process even further. Unlike many other planters, the WallGarden features a water reservoir that automatically delivers the correct amount of water over time, making it efficient and next-to-nothing as far as maintenance is concerned.

WallGarden plants grow using LED lights, and can operate up to two weeks without attention. They’re the ideal grower for busy people, those who travel, and anyone else who loves the idea of gardening, but may lack the necessary green thumb. When the LED light turns blue, it’s time to refill the water reservoir. That’s about it.

The rest of the growing process is automated, making it pretty much impossible to mess it up. There’s no worrying about watering, trimming, de-weeding, moving plants to the window, or bringing outdoor plants inside on chilly days. From the comfort of your own living room, you can grow ingredients for your favorite meals, and feel great about serving them to your family.

Edntech Wallgarden comes with an app to guide you through the process as well. In the app, you’ll learn how to assemble your WallGarden, and input data on which plants you’re seeding. Keep track of their process throughout the growing season (which could be all-year round) with helpful hints. The Edntech app will even let you know how to tell when your buds are ready to harvest. It doesn’t get any easier.

The Wallgarden appeals not only to the green-minded consumer, but to those who love cool gadgets as well. It’s the simplest way to enjoy natural foods with no additives or preservatives, and when you buy seeds from Edntech, you can rest assured they’re non-GMO as well. Start growing your own meals in your home, anytime, with the Edntech Wallgarden.

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