FiberFix – Industrial Strength Repair Wrap

Duct Tape fixes everything right? Not quite. Have you ever tried to patch a water line, repair a load-bearing steel bar, or fix the broken handle on a shovel with tape? Your results will be far less than stellar.

The vast majority of adhesives on the market are only designed for cosmetic or minor repairs. They certainly aren’t designed to deal with heavy forces. If you do need to repair something that’s submerged in water or needs to hold weight, you have to resort to an epoxy or other heavy duty adhesive. These products are messy and take 24 hours or more to dry.

Fiber Fix is the perfect union of duct tape and an industrial adhesive. It takes ease of use of a roll of tape and combines it with a super tough adhesive that dries in 10 minutes to form a bond that’s as strong as steel.

The secret to Fiber Fix is the combination of industrial-strength fibers and specialized resins. These resins are water activated, making them pliable when wet yet incredibly strong when dry.

To use, submerge the roll of Fiber Fix in water, wrap tightly around the object to be repaired, and let dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Once dry, the bond is permanent and you can use the previously-broken item just as you normally would. Fiber Fix can also be sanded and painted. In many cases, you’ll never know that it was broken to begin with.

Fiber Fix works on both large and small jobs. Rolls come in 3 sizes ranging from 1” wide by 40” long to 4” wide and 60” long. For flat surfaces, Fiber Fix offers UV resistant patches that range from 3” to 8” and are perfect for repairing boats hulls and bath tubs.

UPDATE: FiberFix was acquired by JB Weld and renamed Fiberweld.

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